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  1. Brian, I just read your comment regarding Mr.Frankland.
    I liked that fella, he seemed a decent guy (unlike the other one you mentioned)
    Mr Frankland was one of the form teachers in my year (but not my class)
    In 1974 two of his pupils were my closest mates (Barry King & Adrian McCarthy)
    I also recall him being keen on & helping out with P.E sports, outdoors.
    Along with Mr.Ashford, they ran that ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ award thing !

    Lastly, I’m interested to see what you’d written, regarding ‘annual holiday’

    Back in April 1973 our school had a trip to the South of France (French Riviera)
    Cutting was there & organised a trip to a ‘Perfume Factory’ (of all things, Jeeez)

    I assume your wording of ‘Annual Continental’ covered up until you left, 1971 ?

    I say that, as it was 1973 (for us) & I do not recall one being offered thereafter, except

    Mayfield organised just one more (Germany, R.Rhine, August 1973), but the last I recall.

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