1977 Nigel Brown — 2 Comments

  1. I know six of these guys listed here as they were all in my exact-same year at Mayfield Boys School during the 1970’s. Some were even in my same class, during certain lessons, such as ‘French’, with Mrs.Piper. I remember Graham Radley, as he only had one-arm and a hook for a hand. Yet he won the ‘Table-Tennis’ knockout competition, on our weekend-away on the ‘Wicken Bonhunt’ trip, which was run by Mr.Ashmore, our P.E.Teacher. Can’t remember now, if it was 1975, or more likely 1976, as I recall the 56 seat coach travelling down the newly-opened M11 Motorway. I used to play football (with a tennis-ball) every single lunchtime in the ‘West Playground with Kevin Jago and John Taylor. (scored my best-ever ‘playground’ goal, against the latter, laughs !) Adrian McCarthy was a lifelong mate & am still in touch with him occasionally now. He doesn’t even know about this site, perhaps I ought to mention it (laughs, he’s a stubborn-git, so, no-telling his reaction, Hahahahaa). He still lives in Belfairs Drive, in Chadwell Heath, BTW!

  2. Mayfield the place I remember for a multitude of reasons. Bullies existed there like in every school. I sometimes wonder how they got on in the real world. I left and travelled the world, enjoying almost every moment. Life for me was perfect after I Joined the Royal Navy.

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