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  1. Pupils who left Goodmayes Primary School in 1968 and went on to Mayfield will be shown as having left Mayfield in 1972 or 1973 depending on the course they took. Check out the ‘Listed Pupils’ under ‘Boys School’ and ‘Girls School’ for these years. You may find some of your old Goodmayes pals there.

  2. I was called out to South Park school to get Mr Tester’s car started, a 105E Ford Anglia, when he was headmaster there.

  3. I was at Goodmayes Primary in the years you mention. I remember the maths teacher, Mr. Fitzmorris, who always had a cane by his desk. Mr. Tester was Headmaster. I recall Anna Fairbrass and I have in recent years spoken to Lesley Eyre who also went to Mayfield. Also remember my best friend Leigh Martin who immigrated to Australia in the last year at Goodmayes. Other names were one of the boys, Leslie Ridd who sat next to me, and Duncan Fletcher. Also recall when we all were called to the hall to watch Sir Francis Chichester on his home voyage. Strange some of the things that remain with you! My Maiden name was Rona Price. I also remember Susan Shalls who lived in the same road as me, but unfortunately I heard that she passed away when she was in her 40’s.

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