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  1. I did know your sister. We were in the same class at school although I was not a close friend of hers. Strangely I did not know about her dying until my sister started work – I believe at an insurance company in Ilford – and she replaced Jacqueline. I was, as you can imagine, very shocked by the news. I often think of her and I am saddened by such an early death but how much worse for you and your family. After all these years I send you my sincere condolences.
    Lorraine Cottey

  2. I was friends with your sister at school, I have many memories of her and was very saddened when your mother told me of her death. I remember you and your brother, Tim, from when I visited your house in Goodmayes. I often think of Jackie, how devastated your lovely parents were to lose their only daughter in such a tragic way. I am so very sorry.
    Sandra Garrett

  3. Hello Lorraine, I apologise for the time taken to reply to your comment about my sister Jackie. It’s good to know that she has been remembered even if you were not close friends. Of course I miss her dearly and only wish we could have grown older together. Forty-seven years seem to have flown past but many good memories remain. Thank you for taking the time to reply, Peter.

  4. Hello again Sandra, It was a welcome surprise to hear your reply. I apologise for not getting back to you sooner but I haven’t visited the Mayfield site for some time. I tried looking you up ages ago but as I couldn’t remember your surname it was something of a lost cause. I know you were a very good friend of Jackie’s and remember you came to our house on many occasions. It’s a shame that no one has posted any old group school photos yet. Unfortunately I only have three or four photos of Jackie, if only we all had owned mobile phones with built in cameras back in the day 🙂 I’m sending this picture of Jackie and myself in our garden, I think it was 1962, hope it brings back a few memories and makes you chuckle. Thanks again, Peter.

  5. Hello Peter, lovely to hear from you and see photo. I dont know if you have seen the Panoramic photo, Girls Photos 1960s, in the centre photo, 4 rows down on right, we are the 2nd and 3rd girls in. I also hope someone posts some class photos. Jackie and I did the Commercial Course together and we both worked at the Sun Life Insurance. I was at Bishopsgate, Jackie at Cannon Street, we used to meet up for lunch and go home together. I hope you have a Happy Christmas.
    Sandra Garrett

  6. Happy Christmas Sandra, I will look up that photo, thanks again.
    Peter Colby.

  7. Hi Peter, I used to live at No 61 Castleton Road and my brother was Mick who was very good friends with your brother Tim. My mum and your mum were very good friends also and I remember your father making a wooden fruit bowl for my mum and dad. I did not know Jackie very well but I do remember at the time of her death my mum in particular was very upset. I am sorry we do not have any photos I can share with you, just memories of our childhood.

  8. Hi Peter, hope you are well. Found this photo, the only one I have of Jackie and myself taken with your mother. It was taken when I visited your house in Goodmayes one afternoon in 1965. What a lovely girl Jackie was, such happy memories of a different time nearly 50 years ago now. I don’t recall you or Tim being there that afternoon. Left to right in the photo: me holding my baby Colin, Mrs Colby, Jackie.
    Sandra Garrett.

  9. Hi Sandra …. thanks for the picture, never seen that one before GREAT ….
    PS, who’s baby Colin? Best wishes, Peter.

  10. I remember your sister, Pete. I used to see her quite a lot on the train from Goodmayes to London. She was an attractive young lady but, as I recall my parents telling me, made an unfortunate marriage. I too was very sorry to hear, at the time, of her very sad death. Did you know that Stephen Butler’s sister, Heugette, died when she was only about nineteen?

  11. ….Hi Chris, thanks for the comments. Yes she was a lovely girl. A good friend of Jacqueline sent some old school photos but still having trouble finding the faces, perhaps Stevens sister is amongst the girls as well. I can’t say I remember her, but then I don’t remember a lot of things these days …. Cheers for now.

  12. Hi Pauline, Thanks for your reply. I think I remember you both. Yes, my dad was always making bowls for people. Half the people in the street probably had one of his bowls. He taught woodwork at a school in Hackney … and metalwork and tech drawing. Dad was unconsolable over Jackie, he never realy did get over it. The only girl, the other three all boys. Thanks for taking the time to reply. slowly but surely people are getting in touch. Bye for now.

  13. Thought I would wish you a Happy Christmas, hope you are well. I notice in your post of 5th June, 2013 that one of Jackie’s friends sent you some old school photos, were they taken at Mayfield by any chance? If so, would love to see them. I remember how much she enjoyed her horse riding. How is your brother, Tim, I remember him being much younger than you both. Did he go to Mayfield? Do you remember piano lessons at Miss Coleys? My eldest sister, Doris, was awarded the MBE this year, you can read about it in the Girls School Blog. I am on Facebook now if you want to contact me. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

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