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  1. Hi David, did the John McGowan you are looking for have two brothers, Colin and Ian? I also have tried to trace them as I was friendly with Colin who, after leaving school, went in to partnership with Trevor Brooking (Colbrook Plastics). As I remember, both John and Ian played for West Ham Colts and John worked for the Daily Mirror. After I posted on this Mayfield site someone kindly reported that Colin had died of cancer in Spain, but I would like to know more. Best of luck with your search.
    Regards Dave Bryant

  2. Hi David, I’ve only just seen your comment to my blog. Yes I was the one who informed you of Colin’s death some time ago. I still have not had any luck with my search. I think John married and moved to Brentwood but further than that I don’t know. Both were very good footballers. I played with John throughout our time at Mayfield. I’ve put both football and cricket pictures on the web site. We all lived in Gresham Drive off Barley Lane. I left there in 1961 when I Joined the Met Police.
    Best Wishes – David Walker

  3. Hi David thank you for your comments, I lived at 74 Abercorn Gdns which is Gresham Drive end. I retired to Spain 7yrs ago, but as we get older and the health problems start, we are looking to come home. My family all live in the Bournemouth area now so that’s where we hope to end up. I played rugby for the school with Mr. Summers and on leaving school served an apprenticeship as an electrician with Roding Electric in Ilford Lane. My days at Mayfield were happy ones. I went to a reunion of the Rugby team some years ago and met some old pals. It was nice to see that most had done well in life, its funny how much life shapes and changes us all. They were good days and I think we had the best of it with employment opportunities and certainly the best music lol. For me the only drugs were motorcycles and girls. Enjoy your retirement and best wishes from me.
    Dave Bryant.

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