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  1. Like Mr Trewin I arrived in 1961. Whilst I was not into classical music he made an impression on me in our class lessons with him. I remember sitting through a lesson having to listen to the Planet Suite and him explaining the music. Sorry but I still don’t get it Derek. I also remember Mr Trewin as having an interest in Football at the school. Above all I remember him as a fair and very likeable teacher and I am delighted to see he made it to Headship. He will also be interested to note that two years ago I visited Mr Shaw’s widow, Joyce, at her home on the south west country coast. It is great to see Mr Trewin has joined Mayfields Memories.
    Malcolm Staight

  2. Hello Mr Trewin, it would be an absolute miracle if you remembered me but you were my form teacher when I came to Mayfield as a first former in 1961. It’s a long time ago now but I seem to associate you with teaching us History and English rather than music. I was pleased to be in your form and felt very safe there in the ‘big’ school. This is despite the fact that you once gave me the slipper for talking at the wrong time, although I’m pleased to say that it has done me no lasting damage and I probably deserved it! I went on to be a teacher myself and have just recently retired. It has been great to hear news of you and your subsequent career.
    Peter Singleton.

  3. Hallo Mr Trewin, I was never actually in your form but I do recall you were one teacher who officiated at the House Drama Competition I was in for Wood House in December 1963 when I played a cockney manservant called Kysh. I also remember you giving me a note to take back to my own teacher, who was probably Harry Braham at the time, which you had abreviated with the letters BB and said that stands for blackboard and not Bridget Bardot!
    It is to the teachers at Mayfield that I owe much of my subsequent success as I have spent most of my working life in media.
    Alan Thompson

  4. Hi I remember you well, but my best memory was a fanastic 2 week family holiday we had in a cottage in Delabole Cornwall, that was owned by your parents. I will never forget the railway line and waiting to see the steam trains and the fantastic Cornish beach, athough having married someone from Pembrokeshire and having been married for 40 years now, I must admit they are just as nice. Have visited Delabole since but am thinking of a visiting again as my grandsons want to see Kings Arthurs Castle at Tintangel. Best Wishes John Frankland

  5. I too joined Mayfield in 61 along with Malcolm Staight and Peter Singleton both of whom l remember. l lived in Havering Gardens Chadwell Heath about twenty doors along from Stan Frankland and obviously his son John. l remember you as a tall well turned out young teacher (frequenlty sporting a brass buttoned blazer), looking nothing like your photograph on the site. I recall your room being the corner classroom on the ground floor used as the ‘sandwich’ room. There was a piano which Mr. Ken (M.P) Weech sometimes played to our amusement during the lunch period.
    I too became a teacher, 3 years in Dagenham and 30 odd in Sussex. I taught geography but only managed head of department and unlike you nowhere tallented enough to be a head.
    I was a ‘B’ stream pupil at Mayfield and not a big achiever amoungst my form mates (who included an architect and Naval Commander). I think this is evidence of the high standards and values of Mayfield and its teachers.
    Andrew Anderson

  6. Hi John
    I just can’t tell you how delighted I was that you’ve made contact after so many years (especially after being “posted” displaying a bow tie!). Yes I remember you coming to Delabole (I actually visited the slate quarry last week as I’m about to purchase a slate name sign for my new house). I’m having computer probs with network so will keep this short-promising to keep in touch.Your Dad of course was one of the greats and he became my mentor as a newly qualified teacher. I’m away for a few days in Cornwall-not far as I only live in Bideford. Don’t go to Tintagel without calling me*. (I still have family there). I came across the Mayfield site by chance 2 days ago and already have 6 hits – the amazing thing is I remember the lads so well. John, keep in touch.
    Regards Derek

    (*Telephone number removed and sent to John by email – TG)

  7. Hi Peter
    Of course I remember you (No miracle-I even remember where you sat-3rd seat back-next to the wall class 1a or 1b?). I seem to recall you lived behind the school. I’m delighted you’ve emailed after so many years. I’m pleased too that you chose the honourable teaching profession. I always felt very priviledged that I experienced the whole teaching age range from “A” level to the Nursery – most teachers see a little bit of the conveyor belt. Im well and keep busy (thank God). Do tell me what you’ve been doing, where did you teach? and what?Are you still playing the recorder? I do have wonderful memories of Mayfield and so grateful that my career began with such a talented and committed staff. Keep in touch
    Regards Derek
    PS I will not sleep! I don’t recall the slipper. I am a “weak and feeble” man of a mild disposition…There goes my pension!

  8. Hi Malcolm
    Lovely to receive your email (I’m having probs with my network so I’ll keep this brief) I worked with Doug Shaw as you know-a hugely talented musician-but sadly never kept in touch; but note that you visited Joyce recently. Does she still live in the west country? (I live in Bideford and would love to see her again. I found this site a few days ago and have had 6 “hits” from lads -all of whom I recall so well. I’m away for a few days in Cornwall but will keep in touch.
    Regards Derek
    PS Yes I played Amateur soccer at County and University level. Trained with Ilford Town briefly-but enjoyed a couple of seasons with Hainalt Rangers before moving to the west country. I’m in touch with Peter Singleton and John Frankland

  9. Hi Alan
    Good to hear from you after 150 years. I chanced upon the website a few days ago and am in contact with 6 lads already. I do recall those great inter-house extravaganzas! Good to hear you worked in media (such a vast area – what did you actually do?). I have to say I can’t recall the BB note but of course how could I forget the other BB. I do have a couple of photos of Harry somewhere-taken when we had a massively intrepid exploration by some classes from Barking to the Beaulie car museum in Hampshire. What an udertaking for a days journey with 100 children. I’m having Gremlin prolems with my computer so will be brief, but I’ll keep in touch. Have you kept contact with any of your former schoolmates? I live in Bideford (N Devon) never quite made it back to the “Homeland” but I’m going to Cornwall at the w/e with my choir to sing with another very good choir at Camborne. Love to hear your news since leaving Mayfield.
    Regards Derek

  10. Hi Andrew
    Great to hear from you after all these years. I’ve also touched base with 4 other guys (probably your peers). My photo was taken from the Choir website, hence the dickie-bow and white jacket, I hadn’t been on a cruise. I did correspond with Stan for some years (10 Havering gardens I seem to remember) and the family actually stayed in a holiday cottage which my mother owned in Cornwall. I’m now in touch with John also. Like you I was a new-boy at Mayfield as a NQT but was fortunate to see what a good solid, supportive and totally committed staff looked like. Love to hear your news. I’m off to Cornwall for the w/e with my choir to sing with a very good choir from the Camborne area.
    Regards Derek

  11. Hi Derek
    I got in touch with Joyce Shaw via a member of Mayfield Memories when it was announced on the site that Doug had passed away. Joyce was my form teacher at Chadwell Heath Juniour school 1959-1960. I sent Joyce a copy of my school report she wrote in 1960 at the bottom she wrote Malcolm is a disturbing influence on the class. We have spoken on the phone about half a dozen times, the last about 9 months ago.
    My wife and I visited her two and a half years ago. If you want to call* me I will give you her full address and phone number, as I know she would be pleased to hear from you. She lives in Sidmouth in a bungerlow on the edge of the town. When we visited we took her out to lunch and had a real laugh about my school report. You may also find it of interest that she supplied me with Mr. Cutting’s address which I passed on to this site. They were in contact with him only about a month before he died. Incredibly, he taught my father when Mayfield first opened. If you want to email me direct my address is
    Malcolm staight

    (*Telephone number removed and sent to Derek by email – TG)

  12. Well the hair may have vanished above the forehead but the eyebrows are still unmistakeable, but seriously, I thought you had made it back to Cornwall.

    Back in 67, the summer of love, I was hitching around Cornwall with a group of blokes, some of whom had also been students at Mayfield. We had been staying in the Youth Hostel in Tintagel one Saturday and as was the way of things then, had to move on the next day. Sunday was never a good day for hitching, especially in Cornwall. I decided to head off alone for Falmouth where there was a Youth Hostel in Pendennis Castle at the time. Dreadful journey, arriving 10.30pm just as all the pubs shut! The Youth Hostel closed at 10.00pm. Met up with a couple of blokes from the midlands also looking for a place to bed down and ended up on a pier shelter for the night.

    I met up with the others a few days later. They had headed off to the Youth Hostel in Boscatle that Sunday and had been picked up by you somewhere along the route. You had, apparently, stopped because you recognised them as former Mayfield students. Martin Mason and Stuart Anderson. Maybe you remember, would be great to touch base on this one.

    Regards John Maloney

  13. Hi John
    Great to hear from you after so many years. I’ve just returned from “The Homeland”-beyond the Celtic fringe where our Choir has been singing with another choir in the Camborne area. Today St.Ives was much quieter and the sun actually shone. Since April the west country has had nothing but rain. No, I never quite made it back to Cornwall but I’m very close (Bideford) and still have family in Tintagel, where I’m sure you will remember the YH on the cliffs. The Boscastle YH has been restored after the floods a decade ago. Yes I do vaguely recall picking up 2 lads and I think I actually took them to Boscasle as I used to work as a barman in “The Wellington” during the summer holidays. I also recall you, 3a, with Doug Shaw or Glyn Summers, and your sporting activities. Did you (or have I lost it?) swim in the School Swimming team which won the Nationals? I have good memories of the school as a NQT among a strong, committed and supportive staff despite only staying for 4 years. From Mayfield, I moved on to teach all ages of chidren, from “A” level down to the Nursery and always felt extrememly privileged that I was able to do that. Do tell me what youve been up to over the years (You have to be retired!) I found the website quite by chance and am in touch with 5 of your peers. Keep in touch!
    Regards Derek.
    You can find me at if you fancy a short-cut
    Derek Trewin

  14. Hallo Derek: It was good to hear from you and that you are still singing. As far as my media career is concerned, I have worked as a newspaper reporter including a short time with the Ilford Recorder in the mid 1970s. I did get into public relations but my real love was radio and it still is. Apart form a flirtation with LBC, BBC Radio London and Capital Radio in the mid-70s I went in to it full time with Wiltshire Radio (later GWR), various commercial stations and have had two stints with the BBC once as head of progs the other as bulletin editor. I still do some broadcasting, not as much as I would like but, at 64 – well I guess my halcyon days are over. All the best to you.
    Alan Thompson

  15. Dear Mr Trewin
    Really pleased to see your posts on this site. I was in your class when I joined Mayfield in 1963. I remember trying to learn the violin but only managed Ba Ba Black Sheep, badly. Enjoyed my short time at Mayfield before moving to Kent with my parents.
    David Brown

  16. I cannot remember exactly where I sat in that class room but you are absolutely right, I did play the recorder. My musical education extended as far as grade 6 on the piano and I did get an ‘O’ level in music at Mayfield which was just as well because I was the only person taking it. To be honest I found the lessons with Doug Shaw a little intimidating although he was a good teacher and gave me lots of extra time. I went on to Wanstead High School and took ‘A’ levels there but unfortunately failed music. I wasn’t nearly as happy there as I had been at Mayfield. In retirement I’ve taken up the piano again and I’m considering joining Alfreton male voice choir.

    I actually lived some way from the School, in Gresham Drive, near Little Heath.

    I trained at City of Birmingham College of Education in RE & Geography. My first appointment was at T.P. Riley School, Walsall. In 1983 I was appointed head of Dept at South Wolds School, Keyworth, (Notts) Since 2005 I’ve worked in a number of schools including Nottingham Boys High School for two years. Apart from Examination marking I’ve more or less completely retired now.

    After all these years the memory can play tricks but I’m pretty certain that it was you that read to us a book called ‘Brendan Chase’. I was so captivated by it that it is still one of my all time favourite books which I enjoyed reading to my son and still enjoy reading for my own pleasure from time to time.

    Thank you for your very warm reply and I’m amazed you remember me as I wasn’t a particularly confident boy at that age and would often prefer to stay in the background.
    Best wishes Peter Singleton.

  17. Hello Peter
    Lovely to hear your news and know about your success in the teaching world. From the emails I’m receiving from old pupils Mayfield seems to have turned out an army of teachers. Yes, ‘Brendon Chase’ was a great little book (I think I enjoyed it more than class 1a). Do you recall Malcolm Steight? He was in the famous Swimming team at Mayfield and kept in touch with Doug Shaw who sadly died a few years ago; but he has put me in touch with Joyce, Doug’s wife, who lives in Sidmouth so I’m arranging to meet up with her. Your description of Doug is spot-on; but a brilliant musician. I’ve just had a super email from Glyn Summers, you might remember he taught English, you can’t have escaped his clutches! My email address is should you want a quick contact.
    Regards Derek.
    PS – just returned from my old GS in Cornwall, now a comprehensive, where I talked to year 7 children about “Life in school 50 yrs ago”.

  18. Hello David
    Thanks for your email. Apologies for the delay as I’ve been away for a few days and in that time I’ve desperately been trying to remember you. Had you said that you could perform “Baa Baa Blacksheep” brilliantly I would have remembered you (all my string players were poor). Seriously, were you with Singleton, Scuse, Pledger? I could go on. I’ve just returned from Cornwall where I had a super day talking to year 7 children involved in a project on “Schools 50 years ago”. I came across the site by chance and am in touch with quite a few old boys some of whom are contemplating retirement; some already retired. Love to hear what you’ve been doing, where you are now. Do you keep in touch with any of your former peers? I recently had a very warm and detailed email from Glyn Summers and am about to contact Don Pusey. Do keep in touch.
    Regards Derek

  19. Hi Derek
    Was interesting to read the other comments here, for me your playing The Trout Quintet to us was my most vivid memory, Schubert has remained a favorite classical composer as a result.
    I was back living in the UK for 2 years until 2013 working as an area manager for a tooling company (music was not my forte, metalwork was my star subject) and had a few clients in your area. Would have been good to have a chat and a glass or two of the amber nectar.
    I was interested to see Peter’s comment about Brendon Chase, it was Mr C Horne who read it to us in 1B2, I did look to see if it was on Kindle earlier in the year, but has not made it to public domain.
    The only person from school I had contact with after leaving school was Geoff Cory, who I see is not on here, in fact we worked together at Ford Dunton for a few years, but lost contact when I returned to Aus, I think he may still live in Danbury.
    I now live in the south of Brasil but have booked our flights for a trip in next year; so who knows maybe will be able to chat over old times.
    And finally I think Malcolm´s comments about you sum my thoughts exactly, whilst you were not my form master I did very much enjoy the classes you taught.

  20. Hello Steve
    Belated apologies for not replying to your comment. Good to hear from you after so long. Yes, I do remember you and who could forget ‘Brendon Chase’. I did in fact read the book to my children when they were young. I used to read a passage from the book prior to going to lunch in the dining hall, Nissan Hut, Canteen, Stalag1V (it had numerous titles). I did attempt an immediate reply to your comment a few weeks ago but somehow the ‘Gremlins’ got into my computer so I’m not sure you will have seen it. Best wishes for Christmas and do contact me when you get to England. I’m in NZ until mid-March.
    Regards Derek

  21. Hi Derek, it has been a a couple of years since I replied to your last message. Are you still living in Bideford? I lived in Wiltshire for some time and I still miss the west country. Hope all is well. Kind regards
    Alan Thompson 5E4 1963/4

  22. Dear Derek, it was lovely to read your piece and I also remember you very well. You used to teach in the classroom next to mine. I remember very well the carols you used to teach next door particularly the words ‘comfort and joy’. I remember us all having tea in our makeshift tea room, where we used to joke and josh with each other every day. I am retired now and I live quite a distance away from politics. I can say that life dealt me a good hand of cards. I lost my wife some years ago but I still have two lovely daughters and I live with one of them. Wonderful to get in touch with you again. I remember you clearly and I’ve just looked at your photograph and although you are now of mature years I can see the young man that lies beneath.

  23. Hi Derek
    A random moment, I clicked on this website and picked up Ken Weetch’s recent post. I see that I last posted in 2012. God,10 years. There have been a number of interesting posts by others in the meantime that have alerted decaying brain cells. Referring back to your 2012 reply, no I was not a swimmer, more a shrinking violet. What I did do, soon after your reply and despite being totally tone-deaf, was to order a copy of a Barnstaple Male Choir CD – ‘There’s a River’ as it happens.
    No, I have not retired, still working. I put an eclectic taste in music down to those that tried to steer me towards a more classical idiom, Doug particularly. I have the kind of job that enables me to spend much of the day hooked up to youtube. While I may well spend too much time listening to Tool – 10.000 Days, or anything from Keston Cobblers Club to name two extremes I am just as likely to put the CD into the base unit and listen to the Barnstaple Male Choir.
    In passing – I tried to play the trombone, I had a command over the beast which Doug recognised and am ashamed to say that I think he got a tutor in specifically to enhance my undeveloped talent. I bluffed the fact that I could not master the art of reading music and gave up, unable to maintain the deceit with a clear conscience.
    While I am on the subject of what has drawn me into this post, I have to say that I held, no hold, the enthusiasm and inspiration that both you and Ken brought to the subjects you taught in high regard.
    Very best wishes, John – well in those days I was a Maloney.

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