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  1. The best years of my school time were the evenings in the youth club playing darts and using the old record player in the corner. Who didn’t love the ‘old’ tea lady behind the counter! After leaving school in 1967 I moved to Ilford and then to Watford where I worked as a Youth worker in my free time. Visited Watford’s Twin-Town ‘Mainz’ in Germany with other youth workers in 1973 and moved there in 1974 to work as a youth worker teaching woodwork and English as I learned German. Been here ever since.
    Malcolm Smith

  2. Loved the youth club as well. After a very sucessful career with my own companies in shelving & racking I am now retired and heavily involved with Canvey Island Rotary. In the picture I am the one on the right handing an exchange banner from the Rotary club in Orlando Florida. To celebrate my 40th wedding aniversary my wife & I took our two daughters and their partners and grandson to Disney.
    Malcolm Tugwood

  3. I remember you Don and Delia from the 5th Seven Kings Scouts troop. I was in the cubs at the time with your brother Denis. I have a panoramic picture of us all at one of Mr Stringer’s Church scout plays. Delia might remember my sister, Maureen Murphy, who lived in Betchworth Road, and attended the guides at the same Methodist Church.

  4. Hi Don. I have been in touch with my sister Maureen and she said she would love Delia to get in touch with her. She has lived in Visalia California USA since 1960. She married an American David in 1961 and had 3 children. Last year David died. If Delia would like to get in touch with her, send me a message and I will let you know her email and phone number.

  5. Hello Terence, I did send a reply but it went before I was aware. Did you get it?

  6. Hello Terence, thanks for your contact. I remember you well from School and the 5th Seven Kings Cubs. I am not sure if you became a Scout but if you did you might like to know that there is a re-union every year. If interested contact Bill Cross. John Humphreys and Richard Clark usually attend and there are others you might remember. Delia would like to contact Maureen who she remembers well. I have posted a photograph to the Mayfield site of a visit to the Houses of Parliament in 1953. Delia is in centre front with Maureen behind her. I hope this works this time! Regards Don Pusey

  7. Hi Don.
    Thanks for getting in touch with me. I have sent Maureen the photo which I know she will love. Maureen said she would love you to contact her. Her email address is; ***** and her phone number is *****.
    Also, does Delia remember Beryl Ball from school who used to live with us. She now lives in Cornwall and we still keep in touch. And another one from the past is Beryl Fletcher?
    All the best Terry

    (It is very unwise to leave e-mail addresses and telephone numbers on a website and they will always be removed from Mayfield Memories. If the ladies concerned would like to add their names to the Girls School Pupil list they can use the safe and secure Contact facility to send messages to other listed pupils. – Ed)

  8. Don Pusey… well there’s a name from the past.
    My name is John Shiell and whether you remember me is of no consequence. I remember you for instilling in me the love of hill walking and map reading, amongst other educational delights. The trip to the Yorkshire moors where twenty or so boys, having learned what PH meant on an OS map, suddenly found new strength and vigour to race to the local hostelry. Leaving teachers and the remainder of the boys to dawdle behind. We were caught up when we were on our second ginger beer… honestly!
    After leaving London, having worked in a film company, I moved down to Devon in 1974 to set up a dairy farm. Still here and still enjoying the countryside.
    Thank you for all that.

    John Shiell

  9. Hello John, I remember you well. I am delighted to know that you have have found satisfaction in farming. Your comments were received when I was spending a few days in North Wales, the area in which I first took a party (in 1959) of Mayfield students tramping across the hills. I am not sure which Yorkshire trip you took part in but it pleases me no end that it lead to you wanting to make your life in the countryside in such an essential occupation. I remember all the various walking tours and field study trips that took place over many years with much pleasure. A pity that time has taken its toll on my ability to undertake similar ventures today but I still enjoy every opportunity to visit the many fascinating areas of the UK. Regards Don Pusey

  10. Well, well! How well I remember right through the war and my school days. Your granddad gave me my first job on a Saturday morning making wire baskets. I was still at school, 14, and earning two shillings and sixpence an hour.
    Best wishes, Beryl Gunn

  11. Hi Don. I doubt if you remember me but I was in your class for the last two years of my schooling. I used to live in Somerville Road, I think you lived in Brian Road. It’s been many years now but I still remember you as a great teacher. I was also a Scout with the 4th St.Chads group. I now live in the Lake District. I hope you well, regards Bob Paton

  12. Hi Don. You were a great inspiration to me, especially when you made me a prefect. I left school to become a photographer. But after burning the candle at both ends I suffered with pneumonia at 17 and was advised to change my occupation because of the chemicals. So I went into the shelving and racking industry and landed up with a factory in Dagenham with 10 in the office, 6 in the factory and 35 fitters. I left Donald Drive and moved to Canvey Island temporally 42 years ago with my wife Vivien and am still there with my two daughters and three grandchildren 4, 18 months and 12 months. I was lucky to retire at 60 so have a great time with them as well as my great hobby travelling the world and visiting my home in Spain. Thank you once again. Malcolm.

  13. Hello Sir, I attended Mayfield 1961 to 1964. My name, Neil Gregory. I think you took me for the last two years at Mayfield. I remember one afternoon double period, myself and Peter Colby skipped the class without asking you to roll the cricket pitch for Horas the gardener. We really did get in trouble with you. Happy days. Regards

  14. Hello to all who have posted comments on Mayfield memories. They were good times and I remember them with affection. Particularly, hello to Beryl and Kathleen Gun who were neighbours of my family in Ripley Road. Eric my older brother sends his regards. I wonder if you remember Brenda Taylor who was a keen swimmer, went to Mayfield and lived in Water Lane. She is a friend who lives near me in Upminster. She asked to be remembered to you.

  15. Hello Mr Pusey. I remember you very well, as you probably do me for all the wrong reasons. We went away to Streatley In Berkshire in about 1971, whereby myself and John Beard were planted out in the middle of the countryside and told to make our own way back. We were the first two back (my dad was a Royal Marine, so maybe that’s where my orienteering skills came from). Well, the youth hostel was locked so I shinned up a drainpipe to gain access to our dorm. Only to fall off and had to be taken to hospital, and I’m sure it was you that the pleasure of going with me. Don’t think you were that amused at the time. Hope you can have a little chortle now.

  16. Hello Vincent, I remember you very well. You are quite right I remember the incident at Streatley very well. It caused concern at the time but time changes worrying incidents into tales to be told. Your fall was mentioned year on year to all groups that I took away as what not to do! I guess you were more careful over the years as a result of it. Anyway “alls well that ends well”. Pleased to know you remember Streatley. They were good times. Hope life has been good to you since then.

  17. Hello Don – I do hope this can reach you after all these years. I was that very tall and rather awkward lad whose mother was notably German. We once made a memorable field trip together to Hathersage in Yorkshire October 1968 where I met a girl on a pub run, came back late with her and, finding my quarters locked up, decided to climb up a drainpipe into the girls room. Of course I got into a lot of trouble for that 🙂 But you really were a great teacher because my interest in geography, fell walking and getting into trouble never faded – so in the evening of our lives I remember you very fondly.
    I joined the Navy afterwards, later became an actor and stage director before finally finding financial success in property. On my way I took degrees at Birmingham and Cambridge where I read history and politics. Today I live between four countries enjoying a splendid life with a wonderful family. My mother whom you met sadly died in 1990 from cancer. It would be splendid if one day I could wine and dine you somewhere…..just to say THANKS.

  18. Hi Don. You was my form teacher around 71 or 72. I was always good at most sports and you probably know my brothers Steve and Gary. I remember you as a fantastic teacher who was well respected by most of the boys.

  19. Hello Don. I was in the 5th Seven Kings Cubs and Scouts and remember going to camp in Jersey and visiting Sark. I also remember taking part in the gang shows that the troop put on. I left Mayfield in 1963 as the family moved to Kent although my sister still lives in Ilford. Many happy memories of the school and the Scout troop.

  20. Sir, I remember you well.
    My time at Mayfield was a happy one, so thanks to you and your colleagues. You were my Geography teacher for a couple of terms and always remember your enthusiasm for that subject,
    Sadly I wasn’t the ideal student. It may not have been you, but a remark on my report made my parents laugh, it said ‘Would do well to find his way home’. 😀

  21. Hi Don, I don’t think you will remember me, Lee Clark, I left in 76. I remember queuing outside class and I don’t know what I was doing but you clipped me around my head. When I went home, I don’t know why, told my parents. Boy did I get it from them, but my mother was concerned because I had scared eardrums, and I think she spoke to you about it probably to congratulate you for knocking some sense into me. I had great times at Mayfield, not the best pupil, but great memories. Thanks Sir.

  22. Hello Mr Pusey, I went to Mayfield from about 1967 to around 1970. You were my geography teacher and I remember you well. I was a bit of a rebel and always in trouble. I met my future wife there and we are still married 43 Year’s. Hope your are well.

  23. Hi Don, Both my brother, Barry TYZACK and I attended Mayfield,leaving in 1963/4 and remember you well. A few of us arrange a reunion every year and meet in a pub either in the Essex, Hampshire or Kent area for a drink, meal and a chat (you may have seen photos and reports on the site). Prior to his sad passing, Glyn Summers was a regular attendee, as is Derek TREWIN. We will probably be arranging a get together during 2018 and it would be nice if you could join us and add your memories to the mix, My email, if you would like to keep in touch is: Regards, Roy

  24. Hi Don,

    I was a pupil from 1953-58and I saw your mention of Norman Lombard. I remember his arrival at the school which caused quite a stir as he arrived wearing a top hat and tails as though he were joining a Public School. He was in my class from about 1954 or 5, I think, until we left in 1958. He was a very pleasant and intelligent guy from what I can remember. However, I think if you look at the obituaries section you’ll see that he passed away a few years ago.

    I worked in the advertising side of magazine publishing in London most of my working life until I moved to Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1989. I then worked for the East of England Tourist Board for 5 years producing the Regional Guide which covered Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Herts, Beds and Lincs. I now enjoy a peaceful retirement in this beautiful part of the country.

    Regards, Mike

  25. Hello Don,
    You may recall we contacted around 2003 when I wrote the Mayfield Memoirs for the Ilford Recorder and also presented the Radio 4 programme on the Kennedy assassination. You were our form master in 1960/61 and took our class a year later for Geography. I enjoyed those lessons and probably contributed to my enthusiasm for travel! Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Alan Thompson

  26. Hi Don,
    You were my geography teacher 1966 / 1967 / 1968 … and I remember you involved in our athletics team also … I also remember you from the youth club, held in the “temporary building” alongside the school field. I have very fond memories of my time at Mayfield and would like to record my huge thanks to you and your fellow teachers for the great start in life you gave to me and many others!
    Although I went onto Wanstead County High to take A levels, I can honestly say it was not a patch on Mayfield … “nothing without effort” and all that… hope this finds you well. Many thanks. Nick

  27. Hi Mr Pusey,
    My name is Peter Wademan and I was in your class up to 1963. I was the artist along with John Crittingdon. Since those days I’ve had a career in illustration and art. I live in New Zealand and have three children and five grandchildren. My art is on line at if you want to see my worldy efforts! Much appreciate your time and effort and immense patience with me.
    Best regards,
    P. Wademan (Professional name: Spike Wademan)

  28. Hello Peter, you are the finest artist I have ever known, I hope you are a millionaire. I made my living as a technical illustrator but the bastards made me use a computer for the last five years, been retired now for ten. Not a millionaire but comfortable. Do you still use proper materials or have you had to use a computer?

  29. Hi Barry, thanks for your response. No computer. I’m still using my ‘head top’ computer and still hoping to make my millions😀 I’d really like to know if Mr Cutting and Mr Pusey are still alive and find their contact. If you could assist with this it would be much appreciated. Cheers Spike

  30. Peter, thanks for your reply. Pleased to know you are still a real artist.
    Tony Gocke, I believe has replied about HC, I think Mr Pusey is still with us.
    As an aside the second best artist I have known is Lee Sullivan, I worked with him for a few years, have a look at his website.
    I can’t remember but did you go to South East Essex College of Technology? It has now been converted into flats.

  31. Yes I went to that college, that is is where I remember you from. But I’m interested in finding a contact with Pusey and or Cutting. Cheers Spike in haste.

  32. Hello Peter I remember you well. I kept a diary for many years which you compiled on our visit to Thaxted (or was it Wicken Bonhunt?), sadly it was lost when we moved premises. I am not surprised to know that you had a successful career in the art world. I have often wondered what became of Jimmy (John) Crittenden, a very different artist from yourself. I still keep going although sadly my wife died three years ago. She was a Mayfield girl (49 to 53) who made a name in the art world herself. I have met a number of ex-Mayfield pupils, living nearby, in recent months. Great to hear from you.

  33. Thank you for writing and remembering me. I still can’t spell and so my good lady is typing this for me. I have had a career as an illustrator working in London till 1974 and then immigrated to Sydney where I worked again as an illustrator in the advertising business. I am now one of the few people who use my ‘head top’ computer ( my brain) and not my laptop😀 to illustrate for books, architects and developers concept drawings etc. I am now painting with oils on canvas, epic scenes of skooners and planes. Stories of history painted with light! Not retired at all😀 just rewirered.
    I actually now teach drawing and painting to children after school, so now I know how much patience it takes to teach small people SO THANK YOU for being patient with me. I remember your story of your mother impelling you to get down to the air raid shelter, which saved your life and ultimately got up to be my teacher. I remember the diary and how I ran out of space to put the whole title of the place.

  34. Hi Mr Pusey my name is Colin Haydon. I was in your class in 1969 in my 5th year preparing us for the big wide world. I was one of the lucky ones with your introduction of works experience scheme. On my posting I impressed the owner of a printing works and they offered to give me an apprenticeship for 5 years which I gladly excepted and the rest is history. You gave me my 1st break whilst in your class of having the trust in me to be a prefect which I gladly took and then becoming the house captain in my final year was the icing on the cake. I will look back and remember it was you who gave me the confidence to be where I am today so a big Thank You – Regards Colin Haydon

  35. Hi Mr Pusey. You taught me Geography along with Mr Jackson 1960 to 1965 and I thank you for starting me off on a career as a geography teacher. I especially remember the field trips to the river Mole, a week in the Lake District and an adventure to the Isle of Skye based at Glenbrittle hostel. Thanks again, Keith Mortimer.

  36. Just found this site. Fond memories.

    You must have been here before, Ron, you are listed as leaving in 1969.
    Tony Gocke

  37. I wonder if you remember my younger brother Jamie McMillan who attended Mayfield from 1958 to 1962 I will pass this Web site onto him, I would expect a reply.

  38. I have just received the sad news that Don Pusey passed away on the 19th April 2020 in Queens Hospital, Romford.

  39. Also sorry to hear about the passing of Don Pusey, He lived in Brian Road as I did along with a number of Mayfield boys.
    RIP Don

  40. Rest in peace, Don. You were a very good teacher. I have fond memories of my time at Mayfield. I, too, lived in Brian Road, as he did.

    John Shiell

  41. Really sorry to hear the sad news of the passing of Mr. Don Pusey. What A great teacher, friend and motivator he was to the many of us who were fortunate enough to have been present in his classes. God bless R.I.P. Don Pusey.

  42. Sorry to hear of the passing of Don Pusey, I agree he was a great teacher, did he go on to be the headteacher at the new school? I also remember Neil Ashmoore, another great teacher, very good at basketball, I remember the lunchtime sessions, he started so that we could play indoors instead of the playground. I must give him a big thank you as he had a hand in me joining Ilford Athletics Club, and like they say the rest is history. Thanks Neil

  43. I knew Don Pusey because he was a friend of my Dad, Eric Skinner, also a teacher at Mayfield and sadly also passed away (4 years ago). In answer to some of those who asked, Delia (Dons wife) passed before him. One of his sons is a teacher down in Tenterden Kent. Its really sad when the good ones go.

  44. I have enjoyed reading and sharing in some of these memories. Remember Don Pusey and Eric Skinner well and Paul Birchinall Mr Ivey Mr Bradley, Pat Carney Neil Ashmore although he scarred me for life with a basketball. Wilbert, would love to hear from you if you read this. We had some fun training sessions doing everything we shouldn’t. Enjoyed my time at Mayfield and left in 73. Even played for Old Boys rugby team a while with Steve Hoye. Retired now, no more surveying or bossing people about. Happy days 07518 112333

  45. I am also sorry to hear of Don Pusey’s passing. He was truly an inspirational teacher. I recall he was appreciative of my ‘one-minute speech’ which he asked all class members to write and present. Mine was about the London Underground. This was 1961 and I have never forgotten the encouragement he gave me. I last spoke to him about 10 years ago as he had heard the programme I had presented on Radio 4 on the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination. RIP Don, I am grateful.

  46. I am so sorry to have just read of the passing of Don Pusey, an ex colleague and friend when I taught maths for four years under Headmaster, Charlie Hicks, and Deputy Head, Charlie Ivey. Other colleagues were, Eric Skinner, Alf Moule, Barry Swaine, Brian Davis, Ken Weetch, Bill Chalk, Mr Regardsoe, Mr Bradley, Mr Brahma, Mr Cutting, Mr Baker and a New Zealand teacher, plus many more. I have to Say that it was a wonderful school to teach in. It helped me and I moved on to become Head of science in three more schools. I have heard Alan on radio Norfolk as I live in Hunstanton now but survive on oxygen and I am partially sighted. What a wonderful website.

  47. Interested to read David Carter’s post on Don Pusey. Sorry to learn of your health issues. You taught me for CSE maths which l did find a bit of a struggle but surprisingly l did teach basic maths along with my career as a geography teacher.You generously gave up your Friday evenings to allow a small group of us to play tennis on private courts very close to the school. I thank you for that and for providing a list of many of the teachers who taught me and l remember with thanks and affection. Andrew Anderson

  48. Sorry to hear of the passing of Don Pussy, a great teacher and scout leader. Went to Konigssee in 1959 – great trip.

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