Doug Shaw by Steve Morl — 4 Comments

  1. During a school concert Mr. Shaw stopped the whole proceedings and told all the parents attending to keep quiet because all the boys had rehearsed for ages to play that evening. He really stood up for his pupils. My parents never forgot that evening, I was playing Triangle at times for him. Music was always good, particularly singing classes. Sorry to hear he has gone.
    Julian Sadowski

  2. I owe a lot to Doug. For two years I used to drag my full-size piano accordion on the bus to his house in Gants Hill for a lessons. Later when I expressed the wish to learn to play the organ he put me in touch with Albert Wilson, organist of All Saints, Goodmayes. I have now been playing organ for over 50 years and have conquered The Royal Albert Hall and St Paul’s Cathedral. I still have, and use, a descant to Away in a Manger that he entrusted to me handwritten and unpublished!

    I remember him as a great teacher who tried to get each boy to fulfil his music potential.

  3. I remember Mr. Shaw taking us for music lesson for the first time and he stated that if we were prepared to listen to his classical music he would listen to our ‘pop’! The first record he played was ‘Ravel’s Bolero’ and I’ve loved it ever since.

  4. I also well remember his commitment and dedication. I still play the Trombone and keyboards in bands, largely through his enthusiastic support when I played in the Mayfield Brass Band and later in the Redbridge Youth Orchestra. I wanted to give up in the 3rd year – but he would not allow it!!

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