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  1. I attended Mayfield 1966/71 and have just found the Mayfield Memories website. I was lucky to have Mr Shaw as my Form Master and Music Teacher whilst a pupil there. He could quiet a class in a heartbeat with just a look. He was the reason I learned to play the Eb Horn and I remember many school concerts, especially Christmas Concerts. I too speak many years later regarding his influence on myself, and fondly remember his smiles and praise. He was the main influence on my continued love of music. I am very happy he lived a long wonderful life and wish to pay my respects to a wonderful teacher and human being. RIP.
    Richard Jones

  2. Hi. I was a pupil of Doug Shaw’s at Dane Sec Modern, Ilford, in the early 1960s. I played tenor horn in the school band, and later the french horn. He was my private piano teacher, music theory coach, accompanist for ASBRSM grades and for my entrance exam to the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. He was a fine pianist and an inspirational teacher, although we all got the cane for being late for choir practice on one occasion, which was marginally better than being slippered by the bastard science teacher for leaving his class early! I last saw Doug and Joyce in Yorkshire in the early 1980s by which time I believe they were living in Sidmouth.
    I moved to the Isle of Man in 1997; I am the conductor of the Isle of Man Symphony Orchestra, a broadcaster on Manx Radio (‘A Little Light Music’) and the author of three books and several articles on various aspects of music in the Island’s history ( Whenever I’m wrestling with a musical problem, I always ask myself: ‘what would Doug have done?’ I did visit Mayfield on a number of occasions after Doug left Dane, probably to blow my hooter with the band. Somebody out there might remember me . . . or not. Feel free to contact me on

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