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  1. Concerning drama at Mayfield, in the 1940’s my friend Evelyn Howlett and myself wrote and produced a musical play. Miss Tappenden, the headmistress, allowed us to have rehearsals in the main hall at lunchtimes. When she eventually saw it she allowed us to put it on to the whole school, boys as well. This caused quite a stir as we were never allowed to speak to the boys! It was such a success. Miss Tappenden suggested we invited all the parents to see it one evening, which we did, giving all proceeds to King George Hospital. We all thought is was great fun.
    Doris Chaplain (nee Jones)

  2. I was mad on acting at school, the teacher who inspired me was Mr Levy. I went on to become a professional actor with the Theatre Workshop at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East. I stayed in the business for four years then got a proper job.
    Terry Day

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