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Hilda Woolcot

Rhoda Thomas

Doris Jones


Audrey Cole

Muriel Hallows

Joan Hollick

Jo Sellen

Doris Garrett (Dec’d)
Beryl Gunn
Maureen Haynes

Norma Beasley
Lily Verlander

Dorothy Holland

Valerie Chapman

Joyce Taylor

Mary Battrick
June Bunn

Shirley Collins

Muriel Berry
Hazel Pendry

Pauline Stephenson
Maureen Townsend

Hazel Collins
Kathleen Gunn
Anne Joyner

Yvonne Roper
Evelyn Tayler

Sheila Corse
Kathy Cuttriss
Beryl Doolan
Wendy Garratt

Pearl Hobart
Maureen Murphy
Delia Poole
Ann Popplewell (Dec’d)
June Rothon

Margaret Wallace
Kathleen Wasley
Margaret Wood

Rosemary Dalton
Paulette Spencer (Left 1952)
Dorothy Stroud (Dec’d)

Julia Hilliard
Janet Holliday

Leslie Meddeman
Iris Rothon
Janet Wolff

Joan Workman

Carole Crump
Valerie Crump (Dec’d)
Pauline Denne
Christine Fox

Patricia Pollard
Jean Thompson

Joyce Thompson

Margaret Hickman

Wendy Johnson
Pauline Lagden
Catherine Wallington

Joan Watson
Valerie Whittington
Jean Wicker

Janet Coxall
Valerie Halligan
Valerie Martin

Janet Moore
Janet Prior
Mary White

Georgina Brown

Christine Cawthorn
Andrea Cole
Pat Corse

Patricia Elvines
Oriel Furner
Carol Green
Janice Lawrence

Brenda Marshall
Jean Mason

Patricia Maxworthy
Jean Pearce
Lavinia Sutton
Valerie Thompson


Girls School Pupils Who Left 1939 to 1959 — 6 Comments

  1. Please add to Pupil List – Beryl Doolan – Left Mayfield 1953

  2. I also left mayfield 1953 but as yet have not found anybody I know. I was in b stream in the time of Miss Jones (maths) Miss Sheardown (geography) Miss Mott (domestic science) Miss Mendham (science).
    My name being Wendy Garratt, now married Wendy Jordan.

  3. My twin sister and I, Carole and Valerie Crump (Valerie now deceased) attended Mayfield Girls School, in Grove Road Chadwell Heath, approximately 1951 and left at the age of 15. We both enjoyed our time at the school and there were two other twins in our year with the Surname of Bedser (I think). We had many friends there including Joan Watson, Gillian Looker, Vivienne Collins and Sandra Brand. At 77 it is difficult to remember some of the other friends names. I married Vic in 1964 and have a daughter and a son and five grandchildren. We moved to Bexhill on Sea (Near Eastbourne) in 1973 and still live here by the sea. Vic and I have been married for over 54 years. I remember Miss Tappenden (headmistress) and Miss Mott.

  4. Carole Crump and her deceased twin sister Valerie have been added this Pupil List for 1956.

  5. Please add to Pupil list Janet Wolff – left Mayfield 1955

  6. Just to let you know the sad news that my sister who left Mayfield in 1946 has passed away.

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