Found friends are highlighted

Jennifer Abrahams – Sought by Julie Cooper
Lynn Adams – Sought by Julie Cooper
Diane Aldous – Sought by Daryl Carpenter
Jill Allen – Sought by Susan Stokes

Phillipa Anslow – Sought by Barbara Gray
Gillian Assell – Sought by Christine Constantinou
Debra Alton – Sought by Lesley Rowland
Pauline Ambridge – Sought by Wendy Johnson
Lisa Anderson – Sought by Julie Cooper
Katie Attwood – Sought by Julie Cooper

Linda Bailey – Sought by Kae Thurlow
Cynthia Bainbridge – Sought by Andrew Clarke
Sheila Baldwin – Sought by Susan Stokes
Marlene Barclay – Sought by Julie Cooper
Shirley Barker – Sought by Christine Maskell
Cheryl Barnes – Sought by Frances Taylor
Ann Barnett – Sought by Janet Holliday
Ruth Baron – Sought by Julie Cooper

Carol Barton – Sought by Brenda Allen
Tracey Beavis – Sought by Julie Cooper

Brenda Bedwell – Sought by Christopher
Phyliss Berry – Sought by Mary Batrick
Susan Beswick – Sought by Susan Hewson
Carol Blackwell – Sought by Gina Chapman
Lynn Bonnyhood – Sought by Susan Stokes

Linda Booth – Sought by Christine Smith
Karen Boothby – Sought by Deborah Allum
Marion Brennan – Sought by Julie Cooper

Margaret Brock – Sought by Christine Cawthorn
Pat Bryce – Sought by Julie Cooper
Carole Bullock – Sought by Julie Cooper

Huguette Butler (Dec’d) – Sought by Julie Harris

Tina Calder – Sought by Julie Cooper
Madeleine Candy – Sought by Susan Leonard
Susan Carpenter – Sought by Gwendoline Hughes
Aideen Carter – Sought by Margaret Arneil
Janice Carter – Sought by Pauline Ryan
Peggy Chambers – Sought by Christine Windle
Gina Chapman – Sought by Mike Michael
Christine Clark – Sought by Susan Lee
Heather Clarke – Sought by Susan Stokes

Pat Coe – Sought by Christopher Schneider
Sharon Cole – Sought by Janet Stone
Joyce Coombes – Sought by Penny Lister
Ann Crawford – Sought by Julie Harris
Ann Cross – Sought by Julie Cooper

Carol Crump – Sought by Joan Watson
Valerie Crump – Sought by Joan Watson
Andrea Curd – Sought by Kim Allen
Sharon Curtis – Sought by Julie Cooper

Julie Dear – Sought by Julie Cooper
Roberta De’Ath – Sought by Tina Birse
Jean Doe Sought by Sandra Evans
Linda Duffy – Sought by Julie Cooper
Lorraine Durrat – Sought by Pat Elvines

Carol Emberson – Sought by Julie Cooper

Jane Fennel – Sought by Barbara Gray
Janet Finch – Sought by Barbara Clementts

Maureen Gabriel – Sought by Rhoda Thomas
June Garrard – Sought by Susan Hewson
Karen Garrett – Sought by Jennifer Allchurch

Pat George – Sought by Susan Leonard
Sonia Glover – Sought by Julie Cooper
Jacqueline Gordon – Sought by Jennifer Gosling
Carole Gray – Sought by Christine Windle
Linda Green – Sought by Hazel Walker
Jennifer Green – Sought by Julie Cooper

Doreen Greenspan – Sought by April Barski
Miss Gregory (Teacher) – Sought by Julie Harris
June Griffith – Sought by Pauline Stephenson
Mary Griffiths – Sought by Susan O’Connell
Ann Groves – Sought by Joan Watson

Karen Harding – Sought by Christine Windle
Denise Harries – Sought by Lorraine Cottey
Denise Harries – Sought by Ann Grossman
Catherine Haywood – Sought by Janet Coxall
Valerie Hocking – Sought by Eddie Gramlick
Carolyn Holder – Sought by Jacqui Richardson

Pat Holland – Sought by Lynn Aldridge
Jean Holtham – Sought by Jeannette Ferguson
Evelyn Howlett – Sought by Doris Jones
Shelley Hudson – Sought by Mary Constantinou
Linda Hughes – Sought by Tricia Rowe
Gillian Hunt – Sought by April Barski
Shelley Hunt – Sought by Linda Paton


Sheila Jakes – Sought by Margaret Wallace
Daphne James – Sought by Tricia Rowe
Christine Jennings – Sought by Jean Mason
Pat Judge – Sought by Susan Stokes

Diane Keates – Sought by Hazel Walker
Gill Kent – Sought by Patricia Minton
Susan Kitchener – Sought by Susan Filtness
Sharon King – Sought by Paul Pledger
Alexandra Knowles – Sought by Julie Cooper

Janette LaPorte – Sought by Christine Smith
Cheryl Lilley – Sought by Julie Cooper

Hazel Loftus – Sought by Barbara Gray
Kay Lorrie – Sought by Barbara Gray
Linda Lowe – Sought by Julie Cooper – (Dec’d)


Karen Magarth – Sought by Linda Salter
Christine McCullock – Sought by Jane Clarke
Dorothy Mansfield – Sought by Mike Kneller
Linda Mansfield – Sought by Susan Filtness
Stephanie Miller – Sought by Julie Cooper
Christine Moore – Sought by Linda Paton
Janet Moriarty – Sought by Christine Windle

Rosalind Moss – Sought by Pauline Ryan
Ann Murphy – Sought by Jacki Terry

Deborah Naylor – Sought by Julie Cooper

Janet Odger – Sought by Jeanette Stamp
Tracey O’Brien – Sought by Julie Cooper

Mary Partridge – Sought by Dave Marlow
Veronica Pearson – Sought by Janet Holliday
Margaret Pepper – Sought by Angela Whitham
Linda Perry – Sought by Susan Filtness

Mary Pilgrim – Sought by Christine Maskell
Pamela Pilgrim – Sought by Patricia Elvines
Beverley Pinborough – Sought by Julie Cooper

Pat Pink – Sought by Ann Wise
Julie Platt – Sought by Karen Fisher
Gillian Price – Sought by Karen Campbell
Valerie Proctor – Sought by Georgina Bowers

Jill Purton – Sought by David Willats


Gillian Ramsbottom – Sought by Helen Rankin
Diane Ravenswood – Sought by Christine Baker
Eileen Read – Sought by Tricia Rowe
Rhona Reader – Sought by Janet Coxall
Christine Reeves – Sought by Jeannette Ferguson
Catherine Ringwood – Sought by Janet Coxall
Janet Ritter – Sought by Joan Watson
Angela Robinson – Sought by Julie Cooper

Joan Salmon – Sought by Pat Sadler
Christine Sawkins – Sought by Christine Fox
Annette Sayer – Sought by Angela Whitham

Angela Sayers – Sought by Elaine Willmott
Jennifer Secker – Sought by Angela Whitham

Sylvia Shaw – Sought by Christopher Scheider
Carol Shirley – Sought by Barbara Gray
Violet Siggins – Sought by Christine Windle
Carole Silk – Sought by Jennifer Richards
Kamala Singh – Sought by Christine Windle
Penny Skinner – Sought by Kim Allen

Sandra Smart – Sought by Karen Campbell
Janet Smith – Sought by Barbara Gray
Louise Southwell – Sought by Susan Stokes

Jeanmaried Storey – Sought by Adrienne Harper
Yvonne Strickland – Sought by Alexis Smith
Linda Swan – Sought by Valerie Hopkins

Shutgan Tafgar – Sought by Julie Cooper
Julie Thompson – Sought by Gillian Posner
Thekla Thurklo – Sought by Julie Cooper
Hazel Trott – Sought by Karen Warminger
Jill Trott – Sought by Beryl Doolan
Christine Turner – Sought by Ray Farress
Debbie Turner – Sought by Julie Cooper
Joan Turner – Sought by Valerie Diggines
Lyn Turner – Sought by Pauline Ryan

Karen Ulrich – Sought by Julie Cooper


Rosemary Walbanke – Sought by Debbie Southon
Clare Walker – Sought by Julie Cooper
Frances Warburton – Sought by Jacki Terry
Joan Watson – Sought by Carole Crump
Carol Weeks – Sought by Julie Cooper
Kay Williams – Sought by Susan Stokes

Megan Williams – Sought by Susan Leonard
Pat Williams – Sought by Joan Watson
Susan Williams – Sought by Christine Barnett
Christine Windle – Sought by Michael Thorne
Patricia Wood – Sought by June Bunn
Joyce Woolner – Sought by Penny Lister
Carolyn Wright – Sought by Christine Windle


Betty Youles – Sought by Peter Clarke
Wendy Young – Sought by Loraine Jordan



Girls School Lost Friends — 19 Comments

  1. Please add my friends from Mayfield – Jill Allen, Kay Williams, Gill Forster, Pat Judge, Louise Southwell, Lynn Bonnyhood, Sheila Baldwin and Heather Clarke.

  2. Searching for Jill Trott, married Brian Preston 23/07/1960.

  3. I was Susan Carpenter and I’m being searched for by Gwendoline Hughes.

  4. Hi Susan, it’s been such a long time since we had a chat. I live in Holland on Sea in Essex. How are you doing?

  5. Hi, yes it’s been quite a few years. I live in North Yorkshire, we moved up about 22 years ago. Would like to keep in touch if you do.

  6. Hi Sue I can’t believe it’s been over 50 years, how time flies. I have 2 children and 4 grand children (can you believe). I would love to keep touch and I will ask Tony Gocke to pass on my email address so we don’t have to keep going through Mayfield website. Hope to speak soon Gwen xx

  7. My mum was at this school, left in 1981 I think. Her name was Angela Higby. Unfortunately she passed away September 2011 age 46. I was looking to see if anyone has any old photos. She also had 2 brothers, eldest was Steven Higby and youngest was Tony Higby.

  8. I see Linda Booth is being sought for on this site. If Allan Booth were contacted, left in 1973, he must know as he is the younger brother of Linda. I lived at 131 Brian Road and the Booth family lived at 149.

  9. I was at Mayfield when the school moved to Chadwell Heath in 1952. I am trying to trace Veronica Pearson and Ann Barnett. I left Mayfield in 1955, please add me to Pupil List.

  10. Have lost contact, due to moving etc, and would be happy to hear from you especially now where all getting slightly older, ha ha, not mentioning age. Looking for Linda Mansfield, Linda Perry and Susan Kitchener.

  11. I heard Ann Marshall was asking about my whereabouts…..here I am, Freda Matsuda, nee Waters.

  12. I was in the same class as Freda Waters, Anne Macaulay, Mary partridge and many more I can remember on the photo of 1A with Miss Sheardown! We spent the first 4 years together before splitting up into the GCE class and the Commerce class. Our teacher in our third year was Mrs Butler, the 4th year Miss Nicholson and again Mrs Butler in the 5th year. I had a wonderful time at Mayfield, Sports mad! I went on to Beal Grammar then on to Teacher training. I also remember Pam Nutt, Denise Harries, Lorraine Cottey, Nutty Deezie and Larry…. My nickname was Bilge from South Park Juniors! I have had a great life, 3 kids and I am an artist now living in Dorset.

  13. I remember you as you were one of our gang at South Park with Nutty, Deezi and Larry. I remember your dad worked on the trolley buses. I am still in touch with them all. We are still friends after all these years. After 20 years in Spain I am now back in the UK, in Devon. I think my nickname at South Park was ‘Aspro’.

  14. I went to Mayfield girls school between 1970-1975.

  15. Went on the school trip to Davos in 1966. Any one with any pictures? I remember missing the world cup final.

  16. Hi, I left Mayfield in 1976. I was friends with Lorraine Jordan, Debbie Bryan, Joanne O’leary and lots more. I am now living in Lincolnshire.

  17. Would like to get in touch with Susan Harsent, Tina Flewitt, Joyce Pollard and anyone that remembers me.

  18. Hi, I left Mayfield Girls in 1974. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I remember Ann Fisher. Great times they were.

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