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1969 Carole Jarvis.jpeg
1969 Carole Jarvis
1978 Julie Cooper
1962 Sandra Garrett
1962 Sandra Garrett
1967 Barbara Gray.jpeg
1967 Barbara Gray
1965 Jacki Terry.jpeg
1965 Jacki Terry
1963 Tina Birse.jpeg
1963 Tina Birse
1962 Julie Harris
1961 Freda Waters.jpeg
1961 Freda Waters
1961 Christine Horsley.jpeg
1961 Christine Horsley
1960 Joy Clementts.jpeg
1960 Joy Clementts
1958 Valerie Halligan.jpeg
1958 Valerie Halligan
1953 Shelia Corse.jpeg
1953 Shelia Corse
1953 Pearl Hobart.jpeg
1953 Pearl Hobart
1953 Kathy Cuttriss.jpeg
1953 Kathy Cuttriss
1951 Pauline Sephenson.jpeg
1951 Pauline Sephenson
1976 Wendy Garner.jpeg
1976 Wendy Garner


Girls School Rogues Gallery — 1 Comment

  1. My Granddaughter (who is doing a project on school uniforms) would love to have a photo of the girls uniform from 1950-1955-can anyone oblige? Maureen Westbrook.

    Hi Maureen
    Click HERE to view a discussion on the school uniform – Tony Gocke

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