Heather Crouch MBE R.I.P. — 11 Comments

  1. I have just caught up with Mayfield Memories and was both shocked and saddened to hear of the demise of Heather Crouch. I knew Heather, from my days with Ilford Athletic Club. Heather was married to my friend and athletic colleague, Gordon. Heather was always a person of great vitality and fun and, along with Gordon would often share a lunch time drink us athletes in the Cauliflower Pub opposite the running track. Her memory will I’m sure stay forever with me and others that knew her.
    Ernie Barrett

  2. I have just caught up with Mayfield Memories after receiving your email and am very saddened to hear that Heather Crouch passed away last year. I was in the same year as Kim Halstead and like Kim remember Heather so well. She was very well liked. I was one of the lucky girls to be given the opportunity of going to visit West Africa on a school trip over christmas in 1973 or 1974 and Heather accompanied us together with her husband Gordon and Miss Fordham. I have very good memories of Heather and the school trip. I would love to hear if any one else remembers the school cruise on the Nevasa.
    Kim Reynolds

  3. Just received your email what a shock to learn of Heather Crouch. Yes Kim lots of good memories of our trip On the Nevasa, we should try and catch up. RIP Heather Crouch. Lovely teacher will be sadley missed.
    Daryl Carpenter

  4. OMG been a long time since I visited this site, and I am gobsmacked to read the news about Heather, and saddened of course. The first time I ever entered info on here was to inquire about her. Heather gave me so much encouragement during my school years in PE, I have good memories of a lovely teacher and lady. I think I speak for everyone when I say she will be deeply missed, but forever in our hearts. God Bless Heather, Love Adrienne x
    Adrienne Farmer (nee Harper)

  5. I was also on the Nevasa and remember Heather and her husband Gordon. How very sad to read that Heather passed away in 2010. Fond memories of Heather and she had the most gorgeous long blonde hair. Really sad to read of her passing.

  6. I was just browsing this website for the first time, and was very sad to see that Heather passed away a few years ago. I was in the school netball team, and was coached by Heather, and was also on the Nevasa. I actually moved to Bournemouth in the summer before the Nevasa trip, and Heather made the arrangements with my parents so that I could still go on the trip. She was a lovely person, and will be very much missed.

  7. I went on the trip to Africa on the Nevasa and often think of Miss Crouch and the trip. She is the teacher that I remember most out of my school life. So sorry to hear of her passing.

  8. I did hear of her passing from school friends, at the time, so sad. I too was on that school cruise 🚢 to Africa and have fond memories of what was a great holiday, as Mrs Crouch made sure we all had a good time together. She was always a fun teacher that you could always have good banter with, but a teacher you also had much respect for. How lovely and what an honour and achievement for her to receive an MBE too.

  9. PE was not my thing but remember Heather Crouch who made it less painful to do.
    Sad someone so young.

  10. I also remember her very well, I was in the school netball and badminton teams, she was a lovely person and a great teacher and had the most amazing legs!
    So very sad indeed..😢
    Frances xx

  11. How sad I have just seen this. Heather was a great sports teacher and Mayfield netball team was a great team because of her. I would love to have played for Essex.

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