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  1. Hi Howard
    I recall you as a 6th Former. Doug Shaw oversaw your “A” level work and I covered the aural side. I remember you and David so well, in particular your brass work and how accomplished you both were. It would be good to hear from you so please get in touch. Best wishes.
    Derek Trewin

  2. Sorry for the long delay in replying Derek. I have decided to go onto the Mayfield website more often and today, Sunday 21st Dec 2014, I put that into practice and found your comment. Great to be back in touch. Please contact me here, or (Email address forwarded to Derek – Ed), or on Facebook (
    Love to hear from you… oh, and any others staff or pupils who remember me. Love from us both (My wife Tricia and myself) and A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!

  3. Hi Howard
    It was lovely to hear from you and I trust you received my brief reply. I’m preparing to make my annual trip to NZ for 6 weeks so thought I’d give you a quick update before leaving.I can’t really believe that I’ve been retired for 19 years but I continue to busy myself with some music and much walking of the coastal path. I have been MD with the Barnstaple MVC since 2000 (seriously time to draw a line in the sand I think) so this is quite a commitment timewise. We have sung with 4 Lanes, Truro City and numerous other Cornish Choirs and this year travelling to sing in Italy. I still have relatives in Tintagel and Delabole so still visit from time to time. Any chance of meeting up over a coffee and catching up on old times? I’m not sure if I gave you my phone number but if you were free in the next couple of weeks do give me a call (phone numbers forwarded to Howard – Ed). Best wishes to you and yours for the New Year, Derek.

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