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  1. I attended Mayfield from 1974 to 1977. Although I didn’t realise it at the time it was fantastic place to go to school thanks to teachers like yourself, Neil Ashmore and Lyndon Lynch etc. I have many many great memories of the old place.

  2. I remember you and especially Mr Huxford who was in charge of our class for PE. On the way, while crossing the road to play football at Goodmayes extension, I got knocked down by a motorbike!
    I stayed on the rest of the day even though I had a massive bruise on my thigh where the motorbike hit me! My mum and dad were horrified when I got home and told them.

  3. Hi John (if you’re reading this) ~ You were my favourite teacher of them all (No B.S !) along with the great & much missed Mr.Toms (my joint fave). I still have (stashed away) my full-term hardback Geography folder from the year 1976 bearing the proud B+ marking ya gave it !!!!
    I also recall going on a Geography field trip in (December?) 1976 to Streetly & Goring on Thames – excuse the phrasing, “freezing our fannies off” whilst trekking around the locale & staying at the nearby Y.M.C.A. for the duration.
    (please feel free to moderate the phrasing, if you must, but it WAS SO damn cold during those few days away !). I remember being heavily into Led Zeppelin at that time & Page’s various hooks & guitar-riffs filling my mind whilst walking around the fields & picturesque village(s) ~ (the L.Z.II track “Ramble On” springs to mind & was a personal favourite of mine at the time of the field-trip).
    I always remember your classroom at the time was downstairs & just past our main assembly hall… I always sat by the window (overlooking the main playing field) & my over-riding memory is watching Dave Watkins & the class ‘loud’ guy, Peter Laver always chiming-in & you trying to get him to “pipe-down” (Ha,ha,ha!).
    Last time I saw you, was after I’d left school & was working for a time (fully suited, Urgh !), at my Argos, Ilford branch, prior to joining the Royal Mail & working opposite St.Paul’s Cathedral.
    Great to hear you’re still ticking along & keeping well.
    P.S, Phil Huxford was my science-teacher ~ I remember his quiet low-tone voice, long hair & predominant Adam’s apple !!!!!! (another good Mayfield teacher)

  4. I remember my time at Mayfield between 1975-1978. I remember Johnny Westwood, Mr Huxford who appeared imtimidating, but was actually a nice guy, as was Mr Robinson my form teacher. My history teacher Mr Hurst, Mr Feeley and Alfie Moule another form teacher. I also remember Miss Johns, Mr Skinner, Mr Frankland, Mr Bradley, Mr Pusey, Miss Dipper. Miss Brereton, Mrs Painter, Mr Clarke, Mr Lynch, Mr Green and Mr Moreton.
    I also remember that too many of the older teachers thought the young lads were squadies and tried to drill us as such. The biggest worst of them them all was the arrogant Neil Ashmore. Not bright enough to be a real teacher, and not good enough to be a professional sportsman, he is one of the most loathsome individuals I have met in my life.
    He bullied those boys who were helpless at sport making the lessons hateful to them. Though he never did anything to me personally he filled my younger self with utter contempt. I still remember him make all us young lads run naked through the tepid showers, whilst he watched us to make sure no one dodged the experience. Nowadays this would provoke some serious raised eyebrows, and I certainly wasn’t the only one at the time who felt uncomfortable, even though nothing happened. The only dark spot in a otherwise happy memory.

  5. Dear Mr Westwood, you were my form teacher at Mayfield School class 1W! Amazing to see your picture. Of course I remember Mr Huxford, Mr Ashmore, Mr Kanama, Mr Skinner, Mr & Mrs Jones, Mr Hampton, Mr Conroy, Mr Green, and the fantastic dinner ladies.

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