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  1. I was in your class and remember you well, Miss Harries. You taught English and Religious Instruction, if I remember correctly. I was only thinking about you the other day as I checked on the computer for the words of The Eagle by Lord Tennyson. “He clasped the crag with crooked hands”.
    Thank you for introducing me to poetry which I still enjoy today.

    I recognized two girls in your photo: Jill Humphfrys and ….. Rogers.

  2. Shirley. So pleased to hear from you and that you still enjoy reading poetry. I will certainly think of you too when I read Tennyson in future.

  3. Fancy seeing this old picture. I recognise Mrs. Mendham, Miss Strachan (pronounced, she said Strawn) and Miss Sheardown. Although I remember Miss Harries, cannot quite bring her picture to mind. Oh, and of course Miss Tappenden, she who we were all afraid of.

  4. Kathy. Lovely to read your comments. I think we were all, pupils and teachers, in awe of Miss Tappenden. She certainly kept us all on our toes. Happy memories.

  5. I certainly have fond memories of Miss Harries. I particularly remember her making religious instruction very interesting I remember most of the teachers and of course Miss Tappenden. I remember also being in the choir which I enjoyed very much. I have had contact with Shirley Gee and I remember the name Jill Humphreys. I left Mayfield in 1950 and am now 77. I have lots of lovely memories.

  6. June. It gave me great pleasure to read your comments. I am so glad you enjoyed your schooldays in Mayfield. Happy memories.

  7. This was about the time I was at Mayfield and although I do not recall Mairwen, it was lovely to see the photograph of some of the teachers that I did remember.

  8. So lovely to hear from you Miss Harries. I remember our singing lessons so very well. My husband (who is Welsh) could never understand how I knew the words to so many Welsh songs – I told him the teachers who taught us to sing were Miss Harries and Miss Jones. I can still hear the Bells of Aberdovey ringing in my ears. Am still in touch with Ann Beattie and Jill Trevalyn – not sure you will remember us but we all have very fond memories of our years at Mayfield. Kindest thoughts.

  9. Yvonne. Lovely to know you were happy in Mayfield. Miss Jones and I were very good friends and used to sing duets together. I have not seen her for years. I hope she is alive and well and still singing The Bells of Aberdovey. You too! Can your husband sing it in Welsh?

  10. What a wonderful photograph. I was there from 1956 – 1961 and remember Miss Gobby, Miss Tappenden and Mrs Mendham. Miss Sheardown is easily recognisable and was my form teacher. Mrs Heyhoe taught me the extended course secretarial skills and its amazing technology has moved on so that some of these are almost obsolete. I loved my time there and have many happy memories.

  11. Thanks Tony for your email re Carol Scott. You are doing a wonderful job with the Memories. I will be 87 next birthday and now have an iPad so can still keep in touch!

  12. Dear Mairwen I recognised you at once
    Love Jess ( your once next door neighbour!) x

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