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  1. Are you by any chance related to Bernard Merry whom I remember so well from CH Primary?

  2. Ms. Waters
    Bernard is my younger brother. I saw him about six weeks past when I was in the UK. He lives with his wife and daughters in Halesworth, Suffolk.


    Mike Merry

  3. Give Bernard my regards and tell him he told the BEST stories in class. He had a knack for standing up and engaging us with his tales – can’t remember what they were now, but we all enjoyed them! I live in America – you live abroad too I’m guessing.

  4. Dear Michael
    Sadly Tony Cancel passed away in the late 1990’s(circa ’98). We met at his lovely house situated between Billericay and Mountnessing Essex about a year before he died. He had by then retired from the City due to poor health, but was on cracking form on the night. He had a very successful career in stockbroking with Phillips and Drew and then UBS. You may remember that he had a vast knowledge of pop music and was know as Rocky in the City as the ‘go to’ man on pop history questions. He had two son’s who I believe still work in the City and Mavis, his widow, now lives near Ingatestone. Sad news but I hope that this answers your question.

  5. Dear Bill:
    My sincere thanks for your assistance in finally allowing me to trace Tony Cancel. We were both at Chadwell Primary School together 45/51 and Tony lived about half a mile from me in Sommerville Road Chadwell Heath. After High School, Tony at Mayfield and myself at Royal Liberty, we remained friends and would go out together, doing all the things that teenagers in the late 1950’s did. I don’t know if you were aware of others in our small group? Victor Bush from Ilford county High and Kevin Horgan from Beale. I think Kevin lives in Ingatestone or close by but have never been able to get a good fix on him. Tony went to a stockbrokers I recall and I went to Commercial Cable Co. and from there, out to Latin America (Panama at first) and for the next 38 years travelled extensively throughout the area finishing up as a Division VP with Dow Jones in 1995. I moved to Miami with my family in 1987 and have lived here since. I still go to work every day.
    I have a dozen or so photographs of Tony and the boys from Chadwell Heath and one framed picture sits in my studio and shows Tony and another friend of ours, Peter Stevens (who worked with me and went with me to Panama) at Clacton on vacation in 1958.I don’t know if Tony’s widow or sons would like copies of these, some people prefer to move on and forget things. However, they are available and if you had perhaps an e-mail or street address I would be happy to ask them. Strange, it’s 50 years ago since I last saw Tony and I remember the occasion clearly. We crossed paths while I was on vacation from Panama. I was on my way to Mass at St. Bede’s Church and he was on his way out. We exchanged greetings and went our separate ways.
    Anyway Bill, again my heartfelt thanks for your message, sad as it was.

    Mike Merry

  6. Didn’t know Tony Cancel but I did live opposite the Merry’s in Hall Road, Chadwell Heath. Bernard Merry and I were mates and knocked about together. Making go-carts, playing football and cricket in the street and park. Bernard was an excellent fast bowler and nearly broke my nose when he bowled a bouncer to me in the park. Happy days.

  7. Dear Tony
    Thanks for the comment. Bernard, my brother, is fine and living in Halesworth in Suffolk. we will be seeing him next month. How the prices of houses have risen in Hall Road! Regarding Tony Cancel, I did receive the info I was seeking and unfortunately he passed away some time back. On the corner of CHL lived John Watson, another Chadwell Primary boy perhaps a little older than you.
    Saludos – Mike Merry

  8. Hello Michael. Yes the Watson family, father, Alex the REDEX man. Please give my regards to Bernard,and tell him to get in touch via this website, if he’s online of course. I lived opposite at No 86 Hall Road. I now live on a boat on the river Stort at Bishops Stortford. Great to hear from you Mike and best wishes to all.

    PS. I was always called Ant as a kid, Bernard always called me Amf.
    Regards Ant.

  9. Great to read this thread as I remember all your names. I am the youngest daughter of Alec Watson ‘The Redex man’ and John is my eldest brother. John did go to Chadwell Primary but then went to boarding school called Elmbridge. You have amazing memories. It was odd to read my Dad’s name and that you remembered him as he died suddenly in 1966 when I was 12 everyone was so shocked. You must also remember my sister Joan.

  10. Sorry about your dad, Jacqui, I do remember the bad news of his passing. He was friends with my dad, George. And Jaqui, your house number would have been 92 Hall Road I think. Next door to you at 90 were the Dunsters and then 88 the Piersons, and then us at 86 the Atkinsons, 84 the Lucas’s, 82 The Smiths, 80 the Tooveys and so on playing Hopscotch and all sorts of games in the street. Opposite on the other corner to you were ‘the Marshalls’ Shirley was friends with my sister Georgina who also went to Mayfield up until about 1958.

  11. Hi Tony. We were actually 62 Chadwell Heath Lane. Ah the awful Dunsters I had forgotten about them. I am glad my Dad was a friend of yours do you have any photos of the time? I remember the Piersons I think they lived on the other side of the road. Of course I remember the Marshalls. Mrs Marshall and my mother were members of the WI together.

  12. Ahoy Jaqui. Ah yes, a bit odd that your house was numbered in Chadwell Heath lane. I’m afraid I don’t have any photos. Your dad was also very helpful to me when I was an apprentice motor mechanic, he helped me and taught me a lot about engine tuning, which was his ‘thing’, hence his attendance in the pits at motor race meetings, often Brands Hatch which is when my dad went with him. Your dad was always a very jovial, kindly and helpful person.
    The Piersons were the other side of the Dunsters. The Merry’s were opposite. My pals in the road were Danny Garwood at 76 Hall road who had several brothers and sister, Jean used to work at Beestons sweet shop. Barry Ayers who lived up by the Alley and Bernard Merry were my other pals.

  13. Hi Jacqui, did you have a brother called Mark, I seem to remember my husband being friends with someone of that name.

  14. Hi Janice. Yes he came after me and was the youngest of us. What’s your husband’s name?

  15. Derek Riley, he lived at 72 Hall Road, next to the Wades. I was friends with Sue Grant who was a couple of doors away.

  16. Hi Jacqui, I was friends will Pauline. I lived in Somerville Rd opersite the shops. I remember your dad fondly you where a fabulous family my dad was friends with your dad, remember his passing so sad for you all. How’s Pauline these days, please send her my regards. Glyn x

  17. Hi Janice
    We are trying to arrange a reunion for next year (Sue Grant/Janice Firmin). Are you interested? If so, let me know if you are on Facebook or let me have your email and I will include you. It’s for Mayfield Girls.
    Mike Merry I remember you too.

  18. Hi Frances,
    Think we were in the same class. Did you live in Jarrow Road? Yes would be interested in coming to a reunion, are you still in touch with anyone from school?

  19. Hi Janice, yes I lived in Jarrow Road. I keep in touch with Gillian Wilson, Sue Grant, Janice Firmin & Elaine Wilmot. How about you?

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