Miqhael Kannemeyer — 2 Comments

  1. Many thanks to a truly inspiring Teacher / Headmaster from my Gilbert Miles school days, 1973 – 1978. I am a writer, artist and film maker now thanks to his tutoring and encouragement. A great man.

  2. Have just come across this message, after searching for old teachers at my school, Gilbert Miles, back in the 70’s. So happy that Mr Kannemayer lived such a long life. He taught my brother and it was while he was in your fathers class that ‘Mr K’ karate chopped the chalk board in anger. The class was really playing up, and the board snapped in half. He had the full attention of the class after that and became the legend that was Mr Kannemayer, karate expert. He was always a kind man, even though he had that one outburst! RIP Mr K, it was an honour to know you.

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