Mr. Reeves — 4 Comments

  1. Does any one remember the day Mr Reeves had his push bike cut in half? I think he got it welded back together so he could ride home after school that day.

  2. Don’t remember that but he and Mr Harvey would probably been pleased to know that I went into Engineering Design and have had a very full career.

  3. No but I am sure he took it in good part. I seem to recall blank 22 cartridges being put into the forge with interesting results, but the reactions was not even a raised eyebrow from Mr Reeves; Chris Baines was the perpetrator from memory.
    Like Michael (of Eccleston Cres fame) I owe Mr Reeves a lot, I too followed the engineering path for a career, I now make jewelry in my retirement.

  4. I have not noticed this photo of Mr Reeves before, who I recall was a kind and decent teacher. There were a few pupils who took advantage of his good nature and spent time larking around. However it was the English Harrison lathe that got my attention, as I have a same lathe as the one being used in the Mayfield metalwork room. What a coincidence! I too followed the engineering path for a career.
    I also needed a lathe in order to pursue my hobby as a live steam model engineer and I still use that lathe in my retirement.

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