Mayfield Magazine 1964, Issue 26 — 3 Comments

  1. My name is Richard Walters I left mayfield on the 29th may 1964 I was in class 5e4. I was on holiday in Norfolk last week and by a strange meeting in a cafe I got talking to someone and he said ‘Your Richard Walters I use to go to school with, and was in your class’. We had a great chat, his name was Steve Marca. I would like to know the whereabouts of other classmates, can you help?

  2. Hello Richard I remember you. Have recently met up with Danny Lowery and have made contact with Alan Thompson. We are hoping to all meet up sometime this year for a good old chin wag. I think it will be up in Norfolk where Alan lives. I have recently moved to Suffolk from Wickford where I lived for 36 years. I came up here to retire, but am still working more or less full time. Hope to hear from you sometime, all the best, Graham Crook.

  3. Hi Richard, as Graham says we met up a few weeks ago. Hopefully Graham, Alan, Steve and I are going to meet up in Norfolk at either N.Walsham or a place at Happisburgh where my wife and I will be with our touring caravan. As Graham says he lived at Wickford for 36 years and I’ve lived at Laindon for 39 years. Also when Graham and I met up his brother Roger was there, he was in the same class as my brother a year ahead of us. So as I say we’re going to be at Whittleton Farm Happisburgh on the 18th May for a week. If your in the area again come and join us for a chat and a catch up. We’ll be just in a field, no electric apart from solar power and just our small toilet, if you come bring a couple of chairs as we only have carry 4 with us. So what’s your life been like since Mayfield. Oh by the way how does Sunday 20th sound for meeting you lot.
    Regards to all,
    My e-mail address is
    Graham, Alan and I are in contact via e-mail

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