1963 Peter (Spike) Wademan — 3 Comments

  1. My pleasure to read about Spike Wademan. In addition to a mutual interest in aviation (current), and sailing (lapsed), I was almost certainly at the client end when he was with Design Group. We used the company on a regular basis whilst I was a creative in the ad agency business from the 50′s right through to 1993. Great to hear about a possible kindred spirit.
    Les Tyler

  2. Peter,
    did you ever resolve whether the name of the twin engine plane was pronounced BOWfighter or BEWfighter. I remember some long arguments in class over the Beaufighter’s correct pronunciation. I much admire your talent and your ongoing work.
    Regards John B

  3. I have just tumbled upon the Mayfield site and it was with real pleasure that I saw your name and had instant recall of your remarkable skill as an artist. The way you quickly captured the essence of your subject was amazing. I remember you making pencil drawings of Elizabethan galleons and the texture you achieved in the woodwork and carvings made you smell the tar, canvass and salt air. It took me ages to draw anything – you drew so quickly with authority and expertise beyond your years …and so much better than me!

    Well Peter I am delighted that you have made a splendid career of your talent.

    Is that a picture of you or Francis Drake on board the sailing boat?

    Kind regards


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