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  1. A new school uniform was introduced to the boys school in 1949 but was not compulsory. It consisted of a green cap and blazer and a green tie with a gold stripe. The new school badge, designed by Harry Braham, was worn on the breast pocket of the blazer. I believe the girls school adopted a similar uniform at this time.
    Tony Gocke

  2. I joined Mayfield Girls School at Christie Gardens in 1967. At that time the uniform was green skirt, green cardigan, plain green tie with white blouse and white socks. My sister, Surjit, was in Miss Gobby’s class. I used to be so afraid of Miss Gobby. I was in Mrs. Dougherty’s class the first year, and Miss Strachan’s for the second year. Good old memories coming back.
    Tarsem Suri

  3. I left Mayfield in 1959 and can remember wearing a green blazer yellow and green tie, white shirt, green knickers and green gymslip or skirt with a green sweater.
    Janet Nelson (nee Coxall)

  4. When I left the girls school in 1965, the uniform was the same as Janet described. We also had a summer uniform with a particular green on white, or white on green pattern. I made the mistake of wearing the summer uniform for my first day in 1960.
    Jacki Terry

  5. The colour of the boys uniform changed in 1963/64 from green to black blazer with gold
    Emblem and black and gold tie – I believe I was one of the first to wear this.
    Steve Marcar

  6. I left Mayfield 1978. The first four years we all wore bottle green skirt etc. In 1977 the school name changed from Mayfield Secondary Girls School to Chadwell Heath High School and became a Comprehensive, with boys initially introduced into the first and third years. At the same time the uniform changed colour to Navy Blue.
    Adrienne Harper

  7. I was surprised when you wrote that Miss Strachan was one of your teachers. I left 1952 and I remember her name and I think she taught Geography right? If so she was the one that used to talk about her holidays abroad. That was our lesson LOL
    Pauline Stephenson

  8. It is surprising how many ex pupils I have met along the way who were petrified of Miss Gobby. I left in 1965. I have an ex Mayfield pupil working for me who was a few years behind me at school and she remembers Miss Gobby and was also petrified of her. Miss Strachan was the Geography Teacher. She once showed the class a postcard of the Blue Grotto. Obviously one of her trips. I have never forgotten it as it was so beautiful. Uniform was bottle green and if you were not wearing the right uniform you had to wait until all the girls went into the assembly hall in the morning and then the girls with uniform that wasn’t being worn correctly were marched down the middle of the assembly hall and had to sit together for everyone to see, as an example. Wouldn’t be allowed today. Happy New Year to all ex Mayfield Pupils and Teachers.
    Christine de Jong (nee Draper)

  9. I remember Miss Strachan, she scared me. My Favorite teacher was Miss Hudson, she was a very warm teacher. I don’t remember much about Miss Gobby. I loved the bottle green school uniform, it is still one of my Favorite colours. Domestic science was a favourite subject of mine.

  10. I was interested to read Steve Marcar’s post (above) regarding the overall change of colour with the Boy’s school uniform during the 1960’s. The Black uniform (with Gold patch & tie trimmings) was certainly still in force from the early till late 1970’s whilst I was a pupil there (for what seemed like five agonisingly long years!). Black blazer, with the patch showing a large (presumed?) Oak tree, towering over a five-bar ‘ranch style’ farm gate, which was also in Gold. The school uniform tie (boys), was predominantly Black with ‘twin fine-line pinstripes’ (in Gold, with each ‘brace’ spaced two-inches apart).
    From a distance the ‘twin-pin’ Gold stripes would appear as one.

  11. I left in 1962 and I thought Miss Gobby was the Geography Teacher, or was it History? I certainly was not frightened of her, but I never learnt much in her class, it was boring.

  12. I left Mayfield in 1972 and my uniform was also bottle green at that time. I also was petrified of Miss Gobby until I had her as my form teacher, my opinions then changed as I got to know her. I found her very helpful and understanding. Mrs Atkinson was my teacher in my last year at school, she was lovely.

  13. I left Mayfield in 1957. Miss Gobby was my favourite teacher, I always found her very warm and understanding. She taught English and History, these were my favourite subjects, probably because I loved the teacher. I also liked Mrs Mendham and Miss Strachan who taught Science and Geography respectively. The person who scared me was Miss Tappenden, I always felt that she disliked me! All in all though I enjoyed Mayfield, my year were lucky enough to be the first intake to the new school in Christie Gardens, we all thought it was fantastic. I stayed on for a year until I was 16 to take the commercial course which stood me in good stead all my life. I ended up as a legal PA.

  14. The uniform in the late 50’s early 60s was as others have described bottle green skirts, white blouses, plain green tie, green blazer with the Mayfield patch on the pocket, bottle green knickers and white knee length socks. I can remember that when I got to the 4th form we were allowed to wear cream blouses instead of white ones. I was always proud of my uniform and usually did the ironing of my skirt and blouse myself as my Mum worked full time and just didn’t have the time, so I learnt to do this even in my first year.
    I was terrified of Miss Gobby. Mrs Strachan who I remember taught Geography, she made me want to travel and I found her lessons very absorbing. Cant remember who the Science teacher was but she used to call me her “little toad”, I hated it and on a school reunion some years later I plucked up courage to ask her why she called me her little toad and she told me it was a term of endearment. I hated toads, frogs and anything slimey.

  15. I left Mayfield in 1957 too. I loved Miss Gobby she taught me history one of my favourite subjects. Miss Strachen Geography, Mrs Mendham science, Miss Mott housecraft/ cookery, Mrs Taylor English. I think my form mistress was Miss Nicholson she was lovely. Head Mistress Miss Tappenden was very frightening. I enjoyed my time at Mayfield in our lovely green uniform. I’ve never really worn green since.
    Joan Watson

  16. I well remember Mrs Mendham and our classroom in the science lab, with the high desks and chairs and our cloth bags we transported our books around from one class room to the next. Mrs Mendham was the teacher who stopped me biting my nails, and ever since I have kept my nails long! We all stood in the playground on our first day, we came from South Park and looking over the teachers waiting for us, we all said hope we don’t get Miss Strachen – but we did – I liked her and Miss Mott.

  17. To Joan Watson. Do you remember the Thompson twins from Edgar Road? We left Mayfield School 1956-1957.

  18. I remember all your lovely family. Terry was in my class a Chadwell Junior School. Your lovely Mum was my Mum’s home-help when she had one of her babies. I remember Rosina. What was your little brother’s name? I remember you Joyce and your twin sister. I still live in Chadwell Heath. So pleased you replied, lots of lovely memories..

  19. Hi Joan. I think I’m the little brother Leslie (Les) you referred to in your message to Joyce. There is also another younger brother Graham. I quite often think of all the friends we had and knew when we were kids. Very nice to see a name from the past crop up. Please pass on my sincere best wishes to all the family.

  20. Hi Joan. So pleased to hear from you. Jean lives in Clacton on Sea and I live in Poole, Dorset. We have lost Terry and John, leaves 7 of us. It’s good remembering the good times of our childhood. Thanks for replying, would carry on but going for a knee operation this morning. Will comment again. Love and best wishes Joyce and Jean Thompson xx

  21. I didn’t mean to make Miss Gobby sound bad, as a child in first and 2nd form, I was afraid of her. She was my sister’s home teacher and she loved her. Also wanted to point out, I had Miss Daughterty in 1967 and Miss Strachan in 1968. General consensus at that time was, no one wanted to have Ms Strachan as a home teacher and nor did I, but as the year began, I liked her very much.

  22. Hi
    I was there 1973-1978 Can anyone tell me what the school badge was for the girls school and if they gave a picture of it please and thank you.

  23. Bottle green was the colour of the uniform
    The badge I think was two hands one darker than the other

  24. Could anyone send me a picture of the school badge for the years 73-78 Mayfield Girls as I need it for our reunion in May 2018. Thank you x

  25. No picture but I think it was a oak tree coloured green looked on tube there is a picture but can’t share it.

  26. In ’61 when I went to Mayfield there were two uniforms at the boys school. The green one for years 1-3 and the black one for those staying on beyond 15. The ‘E’ years, which were considered ‘extended education’ for the secondary modern riff-raff at that time. It even included a poor mans university type scarf -alternate black and gold stripes running its full length. The green one was dropped, thanks to Steve Marcar’s in 63/64.

  27. I remember Miss Gobby and think that most girls were afraid of her. Mind you, could do with a few like her nowadays, to instil some discipline – oops sorry I forgot, that isn’t allowed today. I liked Miss. I Nicholson, a very good teacher of English, even tho she mostly talked to us rather than we had to write things down and learn that way. I also liked Miss Rose – a gentle soul – along with Mrs Taylor and Miss Gregory, who was not there for long.

  28. 1977 it was still called Mayfield school, there was Mayfield Lower school and Mayfield Upper school. I remember wearing a grey skirt and cardigan with a white blouse. I left Mayfield Upper in 1983.

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