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  1. I read with some sadness about the death of Stan Frankland. I knew him in three stages of my life. As a child, seeing him serving in Symonds Sweet shop in Oxlow Lane, Dagenham. Then, when I was in Albion Road Primary School in 1947 he took over the football team for a while. Then, when I started teaching at Mayfield in 1963, he was a colleague. I shall always remember his keen attitude and his infectious smile and laughter.
    Brian Davis

  2. Very sad to read of the passing of Stan Frankland. He was a hero and role model for my entire career as a P.E. teacher. In my four years on the Mayfield staff I learned more from him than anyone. Pat Carney

  3. I replaced John Archer in 1968 and remember Stan Frankland telling me, when he found out which classes I was teaching, to teach with the door open.
    Iain Palot

  4. So sorry to hear of the passing of Stan Frankland, a great teacher and a brilliant motivator. He pushed you all the way because he knew what you could achieve. A great man gone, I will never forget him.
    Syd Smith 1959/64.

  5. Very sad to have just found out about Mr Frankland. I was at Mayfield in the 1950’s and was a member of the school swimming team which reached the English National Schools Swimming Championships and came second by 100th of a second. He was a great teacher, R.I.P.

  6. So sad to hear about Stan. He gave everything for Mayfield and improved everybody he came into contact with. Everybody’s favourite teacher.
    David Macaulay

  7. Does anyone remember the master Mr Norman Rimmel from the mid 1950’s? He was a tall slender sort of chap and always wore a grey suit. He taught us maths. I heard he left to become a barrister. He rode an old James motorcycle wearing a huge black oilskin mac that billowed out in the wind. We nicknamed him ‘The Phantom rider’.

  8. Apart from Mr Norman Rimmel there are a few other masters that I remember from the middle to late 1950’s that no one ever seem to mention. These were, Mr Ormerod, taught English. Mr Harvey, Maths and drove a M11 Ford Consul which he said he’d bought from the money he’d saved by giving up smoking. Mr Hickie, technical drawing. Mr Marriot, woodwork, he also apparently owned the full size wooden aeroplane propeller which was stored in the west side cloakroom. Mr Fry, RE. Mr Birchinall PT and English. Mr Chalk, not sure what he taught. Mr Francis, pottery. Mr Gregory, music. Mr Moore, RE and music.

  9. I think the photo below will be of interest to all those who knew my father and his connections with Ilford Boys Football and West Ham United. Four generations of Male Franklands. The stone is located in the Ronnie Boyce section lower left adjacent to entrance J to the West Ham Stadium.

  10. It is with sad regret that I write to inform you that my father Roy Parker (pictured above) passed away on 12th November 2018. Dad would often reminisce about being part of the Ilford Schools Football Team and was extremely proud to have been part of their success as champions of England, in the under 15 team’s famous 1951/52 season. He had fond memories of Stan Frankland, with whom he remained friends, and the many other friends he made during those glory days. If anyone has a memory they would like to share my family and I would be pleased to hear from you. (Scroll to top of page to view photos)

  11. There was also a pottery master during my time at Mayfield called Mr Francis, who’s pottery workroom was adjacent to Harry Brahams art room in the outbuilding at the back of the rear playground. He also smoked a bent Peterson pipe. We called him ”Cop it” because that’s what he always said if you were naughty.

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