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  1. Hi
    I remember going around to Peter Dodkins house in Goodmayes and trying to record one of these plays with 3 others. The fun we had and the laughter produced was excellent. I wonder if Mr Summers still remembers them? The others were Peter John Maloney, Geoff Cory and one other whose name escapes me. If anyone else has any more memories, please get in touch.

  2. I remember the Tape Recording Club well as well as the fim club. I enjoyed it all.

  3. Hi Norman
    We seem to have lost touch since we met up 7 years ago. Hope all is well. Re the recording of a play for Mr Summers I was in a group with Brian Meek (Bruno) and I think it was Paul Cane and Geoff Hopkins. We recorded it at Brian’s place on the Marks Gate Estate. We were safe breakers breaking in to a property and trying to open the safe. One of my lines was “The safe is behind the picture of the women with no cloths on”. It got a laugh in class.
    Malcolm Staight

  4. Hi Malcolm
    Been back to work teaching, was part-time then went full time and more. Finally retired now, I hope! Your memory has certainly stood the test of time? I really enjoyed the recordings we made. Good to see Mr Summers comments. We will have to catch up in the near future. Best Regards, Norman L Rhodes.

  5. Hi Norman
    I retired in July. Oh the joy of not getting up at 4.30am to take morning training in my role as a swimming coach. Filling my time doing my family tree. Now back to the early 1600s in Gloucestershire and found I have a sword maker in my tree in the 1600s. However, for 5 generations I have ivory dealers and cutters. A bit of a dodgy background.
    Also taken up bowls as I live only 100m from Egham Bowls club which has a 6 lane indoor bowling green.
    Have also just bought a second property in a small town called Kegworth. One of my ex-swimmers has just been appointed as a coach with GB Swimming in Loughborough and needed a place to live so I am letting it out to him. Will contact you in the spring to see if we can meet up.

  6. I remember the tape recorder club. We did mock tv programmes as well!

  7. I’m fine Roy. Still working and got married for second time at age 65. Now got a your family. You ok?

  8. I remember a David Halfacre who used to live on the “odd number” side of Westwood Road, Seven Kings.

  9. Norman Rhodes/Malcolm Staight. I was never involved with the tape recorder club at school but definitely remember you both from Chadwell Primary and Mayfield. I seem to recall Norman owned a Ford V8 Pilot car briefly at a very young age (14!) and Malcolm worked at North East London Poly as a swimming coach/pool attendant when l was a student. Geoff Cory, John Maloney and Peter Cory (mentioned by Norman) were my friends in Glyn Summers 4E2 and 5E2 classes. Peter with whom I’m on Christmas card terms is now a retired civil servant living in Deal Kent. Will be interested to hear if any ‘meets’ from our era are ever organised.

  10. Hi Andrew
    As I remember it you were always first on the class register when the teachers took it first thing in the morning. I am sure Norman has the same memory. I think it went Andrew Anderson then Denis Arnold. You are also right about me working at the Poly as a life guard. I used this position to take my swimming teaching qualifications and when the Dagenham Pool opened at the Merry Fiddlers I took a schools swimming teaching post. I then did my swimming coaching qualifications at Loughborough Uni and started coaching swimming.
    I retired last summer after a life time coaching swimming. I hope in the near future to meet up with Norman again so it maybe ideal to see if others are interested. Norman lives in Hornchuch and it may be somewhere local to that could be a starter.

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