1973 Wilbert Greaves — 12 Comments

  1. I remember Wilbert was in my year, but as always in life lost contact after leaving Mayfield.
    Mark Fenn

  2. I remember him, around my year. But I don’t remember his achievements at the time, which is a shame.
    Ed Deyner

  3. Wilbert was also pretty good at basketball and brilliant fun at school. Hi Wilbert – still doing good I hope.
    Neil Bartlett

  4. Wilbert here, Neil, we made contact some time ago but never got to meet. I also remember Mark Fenn, but lads, would not have a clue what you both look like now! Give me a shout.
    Wilbert Greaves

  5. Hi Wilbert
    Still handsome this end, how’s about yourself. Life certainly flies by and seems to keep getting busier. One of these days I am sure we will meet up and catch up on the early years. Still remember listening to your record breaking run in OZ Commonwealth, I think. I was in a car in the wilds of Cornwall and had to pull over. Well done.
    Neil Bartlett

  6. Hi Wilbert,
    Just stumbled on to your name on this site. How are you mate? I remember the good times at Ilford A.C. Are you still exercising? I carried on into my fifties before a knee operation scuttled my ambition to place in the National over 55s triathlon.
    Ernie Barrett

  7. Hi can find me on Facebook…now live in Whitstable look me up..and a happy new year.
    Mark Fenn

  8. Hi Wilbert. I would think that you will not remember me, but we were friends at school. We both enjoyed sports and I played rugby for the school and also did gymnastics, basketball and some field events.
    Andy Chappell

  9. Hi Wilbert
    Its been a long time. I remember running in the 100m relay at school for Park House team which was green. Not sure you would remember me though. Married, 2 children, living in chelmsford.
    Ian Watkins

  10. Hi Wilbert … Do you remember the dinner time Basketball matches we used to have with the teachers? Pat Carney, Ian Palot vs you, Gary Rogers, Doug Reman and me. Great times, fantastic memories.
    Craig Wallace

  11. Hi Wilbert, long time no see can’t believe I used to beat you on the flat, and you went to the Olympics. Remember getting me to come to Cricklefields training? I played basketball and rugby for school. Love to catch up, had some great times. John price.

  12. Hello
    Could you let me know if you competed for England in the 1982 Commonwealth Games held in Brisbane, Australia. I was a part of the opening ceremony as an Advance Australia Girl, and at the ceremony I exchanged my red Australian jumper for the team jacket for England. Just wondering if it was you. Apparently my jumper was being given to (if it was you) your girlfriend back in England. By the way I still have the England Jacket.

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