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Roy Bacon
Patrick Barrance

Bill Brash
James Butler
Maurice Buxton
Brian Clark
John Ebden
Jeffrey Ellis
Raymond Farress
Bill Fifield
Robin Froumin
Glyn Garner (Left 1958)
Steffan Gregory
John Leonard
Colin Lewis
Colin McGowan (Dec’d)
Michael Mercer
Laurence Millington
David Nicholls
John Nobbs

David Pearce
Stephen Rabin
Raymond Riordan
David Short

Robert Thompson
Frank Watts
David S Walker
John Weidner
Raymond Whittaker
Barry Wilson

Geoffrey Allinson

Tony Atkinson
Ken Butler
Eric Coale
Paul Dowell
Roger Easter
David Fifield

James Fitzpatrick
Keith Gregory

Kenneth Hardy
Keith Harman
Vic Hemming
Len Herbert
Richard Hewes
Stan Hunt
Francis (Tony) Martin
George Page (Dec’d)
Terence Pinhey
Peter Rowles
Denis Sellek
John Snow
Trevor Stonham

Frank Westgate
Mike Winter

Howard Barnes

Ron Barrett
Pete Chapman

Malcolm Clark
Peter Clarke
John Donovan
Stephen Elsey
John Hornby
David Marlow
Jamie McMillan
Tony Miller
Trevor Moss
Richard Putnam
Michael Ridout
John Small

Bernard Smith
Peter Snow
Robert Summers
David Taylor
Roger Turner

John Watkins

David Bailey
Malcolm Boult

Dave Bryant
John Burchell
Stephen Button

Andrew Clarke (Left 1962)
Geoff Chaplin
Peter Colby
Roger Crook
Ray Finch
Leonard Goold
Robert Gray

Neil Gregory
Roger Hale
David Hall
Barry MacLennan
John McPartlan
Greg Moull
Michael Neale
Barry Nuttall
Tommy Pearson
Bill Pleydell
Ian Punton
Clive Reynoldson
David Riddle
John Riddle
Tony Roper
Geoffrey Rowe
John Shiell
Leonard Smith
Colin Thomas
Roy Tyzack
Peter Wademan
Peter Woods

Stuart Bailey
Peter Ballard

Roger Barwell
Dave Baskerville
Malcolm Bell
Mick Bird
Kim Boland
Martin Bramble

Stephen Carey
Graham Crook
Brian Darkin

Paul Houghton
John Hughes
Trevor Lewis
Danny Lowry
Steve Marcar
Leonard Marder
Phil Marshall
Geoffrey Martin
Brian Mead (Dec’d)
Peter Medcraft
Mike Melaniphy
John Moller (Dec’d)
Chris Parkhurst
Keith Phillips

Ron Pleydell (Dec’d)
Tony Saltwell

Ian Scott
David Silkoff
John Simpson
Sydney Smith
Michael Swash
Alan Thompson
Malcolm Tugwood
Richard Walters

Raymond Woods
David Wright (Dec’d)

Phil Askew
Stewart Bevan
Dave Byrne

Derek Burroughs
Jeffrey Collingwood

Michael Church
Fred Clark
Allan Cullen
Derek Dench
John Drake
John Frankland
Richard Furlong (Dec’d)
Ronald Harris
David Hawkins

Roger Howard
Mike Hudson
Lee Johnson
Tony Konrath
Michael Lewis (Dec’d)

Andrew Maynard (Dec’d)
Brian Meeks
Andrew Miller
Keith Mortimer
Kenneth Pagett

Bob Paton
Sid Perkins
David Pleasants
David Reynolds
Julian Sadowski
Paul Saywell
Dereck Senior
Trevor Sutton
Colin Thompson
Dave Turner
John Ward
John Watson
Alan Westall
Alan Wetherill
Rick Wood
David Woollard

Peter Allinson

Andrew Anderson
David Brown
Peter Dodkins

Andrew Eaton
John Gardner
Richard Harris
Joseph Jones
John Maloney
Bob Morris
Steve Painter

Norman Rhodes
Clive Schrapel
Steve Scuse
Peter Singleton
John Skinner

Malcolm Staight
Kevin Taylor
Michael Thorne

John Addis

Barry Askew (Dec’d)
Graham Ahlquist
David Barnes
Keith Beckwith

Colin Belton
Colin Boyce
Norman Brown
Phil Burgh
Roger Chapman

Paul Conley
Graham Cubbidge (Dec’d)

Michael Dunn
Ken Garrad
John Graham
Peter Heed
Malcolm Johnson
Pat Lavery
Martin Lowe

Jim Morris
Richard Pearson

Malcolm Smith
Michael Stothard
Paul Sutton
Peter Terry
Richard Tidiman (Dec’d)
Les Thompson
Russell Volkert
Alan West
Mervyn Wilson
John Young

Bill Barrett

David Bear
Alan Bishop
Steve Bloxham
David Braham
Bruce Calder
Chris Davis

Peter Dore
Kevin Eve

Michael Harris
Kelvin Higgs

Derek Hutton
Christopher Johnson
Steve Jones

Mick Ladner
Gordon Langford
Philip Lovelock
Nick Martin
David Miller
Richard Morley

Martin Relf
Barry Richards
Paul Shepard
Neil Simpson
Bernie Steel
Allan Strutt

David Want
Mark Warren
Pete Woods

Robert Bass
John Bradford
Chris Bryant

Alan Condron
Keith Hartwell
Kevin Haselgrove
Colin Haydon

Steve Morl
Richard Morley
Ronald Oliver
Terry Parsons
Lionel Peters

Stephen Ridd
Tony Riordan
Ashley Sampson

Laurence Shiell
David Smith
William Thomas

Richard Waugh
Dave Worley




Boys School Pupils Who Left 1960 to 1969 — 51 Comments

  1. Roger Turner has added his name to the 1962 Boys School Pupil List.

  2. I left in 1962 and have a good memory of students and teachers. Mr. Hicks was the Head and Mr. Frankland one of the PE staff along with Rue and Birchell. English – Mr.Crawley and Maths – Mr. Ivy, nicknamed ‘Bouncer’, and Mr. Moore. All were highly qualified eg Bsc. Science – MR. Cutting, Moore, Scott and as far as I recall one of the very few Secondary Modern Schools offering GCSE`s. I was in form 5E1.

  3. I think you have a couple of the masters names spellled rongly Rojer. Mr Birchnall and Mr Rew, the big Canadian PT master, the chap that held me upside down by my ankles and shshshooook mmeee until mmy fags, mmmatches and ddinner mmoney were scattered all over the floor. He was handy with the slipper and blackboard ruler too.

  4. Kenneth Pagett has added his name to the 1965 Boys School Pupil List.

  5. Does anyone have any news of Roy Blane, Mick Brackley, Kelvin Ferrera and John Readings? All were in the class of 64

  6. To Tony Atkinson: I also felt the effects of Mr. Rew’s slipper when I arrived for PT without my name printed in my shorts. The fact that I did not stow the PT garments at school but brought then from home specifically for the lesson cut no ice – his rules ruled!

  7. Hi can i be added to the list please 1963 – 1968 finishing in Mr Braham’s form
    many thanks

  8. Yes Keith, physical punishments were rife there and at most schools in those days. The only masters that didn’t carry out such nasty punishments for almost nothing in most cases as far as I can remember were, Mr Reeves, Mr Hickie, Mr Summers, Mr Marriot, Mr Braham, Mr Chalk and perhaps a few others during my time at Mayfield. These master recieved much more respect from the boys. Pop Saunders was a bit of an enigma, He always looked terribly ferocious and always went about carrying a big thick cane, but I never heard of him actually useing it, his looks reminded me of Mr Quelch in Billy Bunter books. Mr Ivey it was said would open the classroom door, go out into the corridor and come running in wielding his cane to thrash the lad bent over his desk, but may have been a rumour. Mr Skinner whopped you with a length of wooden dowel rod. Mr Frankland would whop you hard with anything that came to hand, cane, climbing rope in the gym, slipper ect. Mr Rimmel cane and once whilst thrashing a lad called Bramley very hard it flew out of his hand and landed on top of the cupboard. Most of these masters I’m sure delighted in it and were weirldy sadistic. But there yer go, we survived to tell the tale.

  9. Twas a cold winter’s Saturday evening 1st December at a hall in Harlow just off the A414 , Essex, when three of us met again. There were Graham Crook, his brother Roger and myself, we sat for a Christmas meal and chewed the fat on the years gone by. Roger was in the year above Graham and I, my brother John was in his class. After the meal we sang Christmas carols with gusto and hearty voice, reminded me of school again. I’d left my wife at a friend’s house about 1/2 mile away, my friend Vic came with me as we were guests of Graham. We had met a couple of months earlier at another hall down in Southend where we dined together, this was just previous to our lunch together at a caravan site near Happisburgh. Graham and I spoke of meeting up again in the summer with Steve Marcar and Alan Thomson up in Norfolk again. So Graham, Alan and Steve i’ll let you know when we’re up in the wilds of Norfolk again with the caravan. Wishing all those who read this a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all and your families.

  10. Steve Marcar worked for a while after leaving school at a garage in Goodmayes called ”Auto Electrics” I was a mechanic there at the time, a bit older than him, he was a funny chap, went around singing pop songs a lot.

  11. Left in 1960 to join army, please add to Pupil List.

  12. I think the teachers name was Rue, I thought he was OK, did not know he was Canadian though. Someone mentioned a teacher named Rimell. His father, Eric, was a friend of my dad. He got a holiday job working in a Solicitors office in the summer break and they were impressed and took him on full time. I liked him, he seemed a good person, he was famous for having selotape on the frayed cuffs of his suit. I hope he did OK as he seemed poor.

  13. Mr Rew was Canadian, he was our form master for one year, he walloped me with a split blackboard ruler and held me up in the air by my ankles and shook me until my fags and matches dropped out of my pockets. He also hooked be onto a coat peg in the cloakroom by my braces and left me there, but he was ok really. Mr Rimmel was a strange chap, he took us for mathes. He owned an ancient James motorbke. We all used to wait for him in the playground to come sailing in on it with a huge old patched up black oilskin billowing out in the breeze, we used to cheer as he went popping past to park it in the bike shed. We heard he was studying to become a barrister.

  14. Hi I’m Malcolm Boult I was in Mr Pusey class 3c with my good friend at the time Peter Wademan artist who my wife Sheila recently found as I have been looking for ever for. As I’m in Sydney so we thought we would put name in and wow!

  15. Started in 1964 left 1968. Recognise some names in the lists.

  16. I left Mayfield boys school in 1969. This page brings back memories and some faces.

  17. Your name is very familiar Ashley… which form we’re you in?

  18. Hi Ashley, Dave Worley here from Cobham Road. We went to South Park school, I remember your house on the corner, did they rebuild it? Were you in Mr Daniels class at South Park or Mr Shepherds, be great to hear your news.

  19. Steve Jones, did you live in Seven Kings Road and were you with 5th Seven Kings Scouts? Did you go camping in 1964 at Ross on Wye?

  20. So you are my old mate… lived at number 50 and had a sister… were the new kid on the block and I think you came from South Africa… good is my memory?

  21. Hi David, we did live at number 50. I have a younger brother and sister but never been to South Africa.

  22. I was in A2 stream. I think that the bungalow in Hollywood road is still standing. I live in north essex now so I do not get back there very often. I did go to South Park Junior School.

  23. Hi Ashley

    We were in the same stream (I think) throughout our time at Mayfield. I have a clear memory of us playing with sekedon guns outside your house in Seven Kings, near Southpark School one evening. How are you keeping?

  24. Hi Laurie, yes that was me. I am fine up here in north Essex, and I did live in Seven Kings. And those guns, good fun. How are you and your family, well I trust.

  25. Hi Ashley, yep me and my family are well. I live in Barkingside now (never moved very far!) happily married with have three kids and enjoying my retirement as I suspect we all are. Where in North Essex are you?

  26. Is anyone from the boys class of 69 and who still live in the general South/East/Mid Essex(ish) area interested in a reunion?

  27. Hi All my name is Colin Haydon I went to South Park 1960-64 followed onto Mayfield Boys 1964-69 my last year I was in Mr Pusey’s class I was also a prefect my post was with Trevor Williams outside Mr.Cutting Science lab on the ground floor every break,I remember Mr Franklin our sports teacher, Mr Cutting, Mr Swain, Mr.Thomas, Mr Ivey (Bouncer) and of course our headmaster Mr. Hicks but they were all good times lots of good memories it would be great to hear from any class mates or football team members look forward to catching up with you all. Regards Colin Haydon

  28. Hi Colin Hayden. Yes, I remember you well, we went to South Park and played football. You were our team Captain, a good player no less. You sat on the left side of Mr Pusey’s class. Trust you are keeping well, be good to hear your news.

  29. Hi Laurie

    Great idea, yes go with your suggestion, lets have a reunion. Your idea so maybe you come up with a venue and date?

    Best regards Steve Morl

  30. Hi Dave good to hear from you. Yes I did sit l/h/s in Mr. Puseys class. Still playing football but at a slower pace. I just came over this site by chance. Could not believe all the old names and thought, now retired, it would be a good opportunity to contact former class/team mates. I now live in Maldon, Essex, so not to far away, Many faces in the pictures that I recall. Where or what are they doing now. Yes, it would be great to organise a reunion, look forward to it Regards Colin Haydon.

  31. Hi Colin. Yes you were a great soccer player and a great leader in our class. Yes we are all retired now I guess. What sort of work did you go on to do. I ended up being a Motor Mechanic with a big push from my Dad. Do you remember Mr Swain, our Science teacher. Hard as nails, very strict, his class room was next to Mr Pusey. He was leaving the school and we had so much respect for him as a teacher that we all put in our pocket money and bought him a pipe and tobacco set. We reduced him to one blubbering mess. He was our form teacher 3B1. Be good to hear from you. I am on the Gold Coast, Australia, at the moment for our Winter and live in Sydney Australia most of the time.

  32. I was lucky on our Works experience I went to a printing works in Ilford they offered me a 5 year apprenticeship which I gladly took and then became a graphic designer working in the printing trade for 30 years. When I was 40ish I decided on a career change and went back to college to get the qualifications to build new houses for a living with a large house developer. I have 2 boys now and 3 lovely grandchildren. l do remember Mr. Swain yes he was strict but down to earth. I sat in front of Nicky Butler. We had a few characters in the class but all got on well. I see Kelvin Higgs, Phil Manby, Geoff Chandler, and Peter Goodfellow have been named on this site. I used to go about with Terry Parsons who now lives in Ireland, looked forward to any news you can give me on our school days. Regards Colin

  33. Please would you add my late twin brother’s name to the list who left in 1959. His name is Peter Cawthorn. Thank you.

    Hi Christine
    Peter is already on the Boys School Pupil List for 1959. There is also a wonderful video of him Playing the piano at St Michael’s Hospice, Hastings. Click HERE to view the video.

    Tony Gocke

  34. I see Keith Philips was asking about Roy Blane. I used to walk to school with him as we lived in same street. I did get a message from him some time ago on Facebook. I replied but never got a message back. We were in the same class. I believe he is married and living in Reynolds Avenue. I now live in Torquay

  35. Hello everyone. It is with sadness that I have to announce to you all the passing of my father, George Page. We often reminisced about Mayfield as I also went there as did my little brother. Dad passed 11/2/2020 leaving us all very sad.

    (George left Mayfield in 1961 – Tony Gocke)

  36. Left Mayfield in 1965 to become an apprentice at Plessey in Ilford. Some of the names on the 1965 list put a smile on my face.

  37. Left in 1968/69, memory hazy now recognise many names on here Steve Morl will never forget you, Higgs , Manby , John Parry, Colin Haydon remember you Talbot, Vost, Chandler. Played Rugby for Mayfield Old Boys after. Live in Herne Bay, Kent since 1975. Steve, if you read this, married 45 years one daughter, hope you are well.

  38. Sad news to report. RIP Andy Maynard, one of my best mates, died in November 2020. Many good memories playing football in St Chads Park.

  39. Came across this site when looking up Billy Fyfield who I knew had become a drummer for a top rock band. To be honest at the time of writing, I can’t remember if I left in 1959 or 1960. Apart from me another name missing is Stuart Tann who is probably the skiffle guitarist who first interested Bill Fyfield in drumming. I totally concur about the masters seeming to delight in giving us the slipper, or the cane. One master came to Mayfield straight from teaching at a reform school, and I can verify that he did take a run at the victim before delivering a fully blooded stroke with the cane. Mind you, we were one of the most obedient classes after that demonstration! (It wasn’t Bouncer, I’m sure it was in a Technical Drawing class). Brings back loads of memories reading the comments. Incidentally Michael Penn who left couple of years before me was my best man when I got married in ’66.

  40. Hello Tony. Yes, I would like my name added. I think it must have been 1960 since several of the names listed there seem more familiar, although some in the 1959 list are also. Incidentally, my brother-in-law, who was 90 in 2020 also was at Mayfield. He must have left in 1944 I think. His Name is Henry Nevil Jones (usually known as Nev Jones). Next time I speak to him I’ll try to get more info and maybe get him to contact direct.

  41. Greetings Tony, I have sad news to report that Michael Lewis (1965) has sadly passed away on the 24th of June 2020. He had a memorable career as an accomplished drummer ending up at the Ritz Hotel London. R.I.P Mick.

  42. Hi Dereck, I just seen the message you left about Michael Lewis, I remember you both from Mr Pewsey’s class. Did you ever go off travelling as I have a vague memory that it was something you had planned.
    Hope you are well, David

  43. Hello David, I remember you well, sad about Mick. The story started when Mick and I happened to meet up one dinner time in a pub in Stratford- we began talking about travelling. A few months passed and we decided to go to an auction in Hereford for a 1948 Land Rover- ex army. Put a new roof on it and many other extra’s. We left Dover into Europe-went through every country on our way to Asia until we got to Greece, which was at that time under Army occupation, murder trying to get through customs.
    Passed into Turkey- where we teamed up with a group of lads in a London Bus just before the Iran border. We came off a mountain side- no damage- came back home. Living in West Sussex.

  44. Hi Dereck, great to hear from you. That must of been a great adventure and something that will stay with you for ever, my traveling did not start until I got married. We eventually moved to Dorset and I am still doing some consultancy work, If you ever get to the area give me a call and we could have a beer or coffee (once lock down ends), 07963 775975. I wonder what happened to the others in our class? Thanks for the contact, regards David

  45. Please add me to the ‘Left in 1969’ list, Mr Pusey class of ’69. My two brothers were in the year above me, Max and Tony Thomas.