1971 Bridget Lyons — 2 Comments

  1. We must have been in the same year or there abouts as I left Mayfield at the age of 15 at Easter 1971. I had a friend named Diane Keats. I was rather shy and was a bit of a teachers pet. I remember Mrs Docherty and a couple of other PE/Drama teachers clearing out the underneath of the stage one weekend, or after school, with several girls but can’t remember many names. I Know that there was a set of twins with ginger hair but cannot remember their names.
    Hazel Richards (nee Walker)

  2. Hi Margaret
    I dont suppose you will remember me, Elaine Hammond. I have a twin sister, Lesley and I was in Mrs Taylors class. I had two friends, Denise Cain, and Pamela Appleby. If you remember me I would love to hear from you. I remember Mrs Webster, she was our RE teacher and Mrs Sheardown, she was our Geography teacher.
    The twins who had the ginger hair were Christine and Heather.

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